The sweet FA Cup


Winging it
Good luck Rhino this weekend. I hope the blues carve up ManU.

I was thinking one of the greatest drawcards for Box Office pay-per-view would be a stoush between Sir Alex and Jose in a carpark. I would stump up the readies for that one.


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For anyone who is interested my soccer team and club is having a big night down at the Harbord Bowling Club for the FA cup so if you are in the area feel free to say hello.


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FA Cup, who cares.

After the real Blues win the first SOO, I will head home for a quick kip before watching the mighty Reds embarrass AC Milan again!!

The Gronk

Yeah I'll be supporting the Reds as well. I'm a Hammers man myself, but a mate of mine is such a fanatical Liverpool fan (ie. you can't go into his house until you have touched the "this is Anfield" sign above his door) that I think I will have to get up early to give moral support. And yeah who cares about the FA cup...pointless I reckon...and the fact that West Ham lost the final last year in a penalty shootout has not made me bitter AT ALL!!

The Gronk

I picked them because they are a battler club and not expected to win that much...that way I don't really have to follow it too closely, but on the odd occasion they do knock off one of the more fancied teams my mates follow, I can be really obnoxious!!


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HA !!! Chelsea win. That said - with an open cheque book, and players like Drogba, Robben, Ballack, Therry, Lampart, A Cole, J Cole, Chevchenco etc etc, we should have taken The Premiership as well as Champs. League.

I'm disgusted in Chelsea this year !!!

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Crappest game of all time and total waste of sleep. One moment of brilliance after 116 mins.

With the money Chelsea have spent they ought to win everything as there shouldn't be one good soccer player left in the world who doesn't play for them.


Winging it
Nive one Rhino.
CW - you should tape the game and FF @ 2x until they get to goal. You get a fantastic idea of who is controlling the game and get the exciting bits. It seemed good game to me watching it that way. :)
Just nice to see Fergie unhappy (not that that is rare).

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