The simple life

again an off handed meaningless comment.

Hiding behind an almighty "I am better than that" attitude is a ploy not well suited to the person you are debating with.

Off the cuff may work with those of other sites but here we have the brain power to see them for what they are.

So justify your comments on Gen Y & Paris and show us what you are doing to change what you see as a flaw
"think globally but act locally"

Yeah its a catch phrase.

What I put to you is that what you do in your community is completely unrelated to the topic at hand.

So as previously stated to you, what are you doing to counter your complaints about Paris Hilton and Generation Y?
Well, the easy way to solve the Hilton problem would be to invest in a sniper rifle.

As for the Gen Y issue, I'd encourage you to make the oft-promised visit to see first hand what I'm doing about it. ;)
I do find it very amusing how Dan starts to question people's intelligence the minute a discussion doesn't stick to his narrow paradigm of a script.

Pots and kettles and all that.........
I find it amusing that as soon as you are cornered and realise what you have said is complete pap, you turn to subtle insults to try to gain an upper hand.

Basically, you arent the only one who can point out other peoples tactics, so lets leave them on the sidebar huh?

Now I am not asking how you COULD solve the problem. I am asking you how you ARE solving the problem.

You yet agian have failed to answer. you have used diversion and sleight of hand but have not made an answer.

How are you changing what you see as a flaw. Perhaps you should self reflect and see what flaws Gen X have and how they have gone on to influence Gen Y and what you see as flaws in them.
It seems more healthy to me to fix ones self before they attempt to tell everyone else what is wrong with them

"We all have to learn ourselves before we can judge anyone else" (Learn Yourself, The beautiful Girls)
In answer to your question. Come to Dubbo.

P.S. I believe the first personal insult came from your direction. ;)
However, I agree with much of your last post Dan. GK Chesterton once wrote to the Times:

Dear Sir

In answer to your questions, "what is wrong with the world", the answer is easy.


Yours sincerely

GK Chesterton

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