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The Refs - Bias or Incompetence?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Nuttybott, Oct 7, 2013.

Was the referees' poor performance due to bias or incompetence?

  1. Incompetence - they are not up to professional refereeing standard

    10 vote(s)
  2. Bias - they were clearly favouring the Roosters throughout

    15 vote(s)
  1. Nuttybott

    Nuttybott Active Member

    +101 /1
    After my initial reaction of slightly resentful acceptance of last night's performance by the refs, I am finding that the more I have thought about it during the day today, the more angry and suspicious I have become about it. I mean, THAT MANY mistakes and/or clearly and demonstrably WRONG decisions (ALL of which favoured the Roosters) cannot be mere coincidence. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the refs were either completely incompetent, or were deliberately screwing us over to ensure a Roosters win.

    I would prefer to think it is the former, because the second option has some fairly sinister connotations. But however much I think about it, I cannot see any other possibility than that the match officials were either not competent to officiate an NRL Grand Final, or that there was actually some degree of corruption involved.

    What do you all think?
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    • Moondog

      Moondog What's up Darth? Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +5,271 /51
      I'm starting to think they've got an agenda. It's gone beyond the stage where some of their decisions can be explained away as simple blind idiocy.
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      • ManlyMagic

        ManlyMagic Active Member

        +80 /0
        I expect some bad decisions they are only human, however you expect it to even out by the end of the game - it didn't last night


        +2,412 /121
        The first performance seemed agenda driven.
      • seaeagle10

        seaeagle10 Member

        +19 /0
        Being saying this all year, Tooves got it right there has to be an inquiry into the refereeing. Too many matches have been decided by refereeing mistakes.Not just the Grand Final but all matches and all clubs. I agree either they are all incompetent or there is some sort of match fixing going on.the worst part is i dont believe that they are incompetent. Lets be honest here if you wanted to fix a game ,who better to fix it ..not the players,
      • 1947

        1947 Active Member

        +83 /0
        The game is fixed, it must be after last night.

        Hayne has been at this caper for years, and my seeing eye dog could see things that he apparently could not??

        Either he is a complete fool who has not manage to learn the fundamentals over many years of refereeing or well yeah the game is fixed.

        Interestingly my Roosters colleague who ALWAYS contacts me after a Roosters win - including the week 1 semi has said nothing. No contact from him at all and he just knows the circumstances of this win..
      • tri

        tri New Member

        +0 /0
        What decisions are you talking about? The penalty try? well that one definitely went your way. The Jennings touch before the ball went out was definitely wrong. And the Pearce knock on decision was 50/50. And as a team that gets fewer other 50/50 calls than any other I think we were due one. The only other incorrect decision is when Wolfman tackles Toupo before he catches the ball. As we score I'm prepared to let that one go.
        What are the circumstances of this win? you didn't get a 12-5 penalty count last night? You got beat by a better side, a side that has beaten you in the three previous meetings this year. And don't forget we had a player sent off in one of those.
      • simon64

        simon64 Well-Known Member Premium Member

        +2,548 /32
        Clearly this git is blind AND stupid. Crawl back to your cage.

        I think we can all accept the Roosters dominance this year. They got us 4 times. That's not just luck. They didn't win the minor premiership for nothing.

        But to say they didn't get an excellent run from Hayne is ridiculous.

        He obviously watched the game with his head planted up his own clacker and is yet to remove it.
      • Jerry1

        Jerry1 Well-Known Member

        +2,656 /93
        I have just watched a replay of the game as was at the match.
        I am staggered at the refs one sided error fest.

        Having watched it I am surprised we got as close as we did to winning.

        Its not one or two bad calls its a ****ing cascade of them. one after another.
        Not a lot you can do about the result when the call goes against you like that.

        Not the roosters fault they have had the wood on us all year & are deserved premiers but would have been nice to see a fair fight.

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        • tayls

          tayls Active Member

          +32 /0
          It was about the timing of the refs influence. Manly were on top and boom...all of sudden there were penalties to the Roosters. That got them out their half every time and made our guys work harder. How did we not get any penalties for the remaining 65 mins?

          I am sick of hearing that the better team won as I don't think they did. Look at the stats. They may have won on the score board but take away all their "assistance" and Manly would be premiers today.
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          • simon_eagle

            simon_eagle Well-Known Member

            +390 /9
            My head says bias, but my heart says incompetence.

            If bias does occur, what is the point of even watching rugby league?

            I really do hope it's the latter. At least that can be worked on.
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            • MissKate

              MissKate Well-Known Member Premium Member

              +1,621 /7
              The roosters will win b2b, that will be the deal the nrl have made to keep moneybags Williams in the game
            • ManlyBacker

              ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

              +972 /7
              I accepted, I mellowed, then I rethought, then I got angry, then the truth became evident. Sack Hayne. There are no excuses for his performance.
            • NYEagle

              NYEagle Well-Known Member

              +1,400 /84
              I would like to see the match report on the referees. When do they do that, Tuesday?
              There were 6 glaring errors against Manly in the first half, and one big one in the second and another ref error too.
              Surely they all have two eyes, I'm keen to hear what they say.

            • tri

              tri New Member

              +0 /0
              4 tries to 2tries and a penalty try. God, your lot were unlucky!
            • ManlyBacker

              ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

              +972 /7
              Thank you for your idiotic ramblings. Stick to posting happy thoughts in the chook pen.
            • tayls

              tayls Active Member

              +32 /0
              Yes and you guys were so lucky! - a try from a forward pass, a touch on the ball from Jennings over the touchline and you still get the feed, Pearce knocks on and not called, Friend takes DCE out high and late no penalty - but Ballin gets penalised, Jennings takes out Lyon no penalty. JWH flops on Symonds no penalty, Foran stripped of ball by Pearce...Yes I agree with you we were unlucky!!!

              For the penalty try he should have gone to the sin bin.

              Everyone saw that the pink cheats gave you a heads up - NOT just Manly supporters - Channel 9, people all over rugby league forums.

              You won, nothing can change that now and it wont be the last time the refs influence the result.
            • wedgetail eagle

              wedgetail eagle Well-Known Member Premium Member

              +2,152 /11
              CH9's Rabs could see the Refs blunders, & commented on them right thru the game.
              The late tackle on DCE's kick by Friend,
              after Buhrer got penalised for "same" on Pearce.
              The forward passes, the ball going dead off a Roosters player. Stripping the ball from Foran when he was about to play it.
              R. Warren & the RL world saw them all.
              Gus made no mention as he had an affiliation with the Roosters in the early 2000's.
              I'm not usually into the "Ref bias" banter,
              but in this game it appeared to be so blatant.

              It was like Hayne had to rein Manly in,
              for if they played their natural game they would've run away with it.
              Which we saw glimpses of, & we all know they are capable of doing.
              It's a real "shame job" the Refs had such an influence on this game.
            • cliffhanger

              cliffhanger Active Member

              +28 /0
              [attachment=705] No no Jamie, its a penalty against your team.

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