The rant thread

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Journey Man
I think we need one place where we can really cut loose.

Quite frankly, I have run out of superlatives to describe how pathetic that was. However, I think the commentators were very kind when they said it was men against boys. For mine it looked more like men against eunichs. I hope Rebecca Wilson wasn't allowed into the sheds today. She'd have been the most endowed person there!

Surely all of the players could take a syringe full of testosterone at the moment and still turn up a negative drug test. It wouldn't even go halfway to redress their current deficit.

How can $3.25m of cattle turn up such a diabolical display? Why is it our club that turns up the biggest floggings year after year (is this the fourth year in a row)?

pea-hearted is too generous. For at least peas are alive. They have no heart, but they are not like the tin men. They are not worthy of the title men.

Seriously, one of the Group 11 sides could have run out there today and come out with less of a shellacking. It is inexcusable.

Fire away.


Journey Man
Stewy and Kite are prob thinking that their injuries were a blessing in disguise.

Steppa - not too bad - especially since he was out of position and had that around him.

Matai - grow a furken brain. Your attitude is piss poor. Missing 5 of 12 attempts is attrocius. Member 2 of the Scarecrow club

Donald - go back to PL, or preferably england now

Hicks - how about playing football for once, 1 decent year is not enough

Willo - tried hard and defended his heart out

Monas - Pull your furkin finger out, you owe the people who stuck by you. If the captaincy is causing your game to go down do the honourable thing like beaver and drop it.

King - lawyers have no soul, apparently no heart either. If you cant get the ball at least be a dummy runner - it wont hurt when you dont get tackled but it adds some value

Bryant - for a reserve grader mixed in with that sh!t its hard to balme you for following suit.

Beaver - No captaincy doesnt mean you dont put your hand up and lead, the best way is through example.

Watmough - you cocky prick - start playing like early on in the season

Bk - tried to lead the way and will have to get the captains job soon

Lulu - 1 big hit every few weeks ist good enough. you are a prop, act like it

Dunley - If you get gouged then make the compaint, and fire up in attack and defence, not illegally - member 1 of the scarecrow club

Harris - go back to union, you are nto a league player

Witt - go back to parra so burns can get a run

Cleal - you have some mongrel but you cant use it at all. Member 3 of the scarecrow club

Des - Stop all this talk the talk - start walking the walk. Week after week the signs point towards bad coaching. The buck stops with you


Reserve Grader
as the eternal optimist when it comes to our players i should stand up and say that this is wrong. but i wont. disgraceful, absolute ****t, we should give up our points to the methadone dependant crack heads at redfern, maybe they can do something with the position were in.

Chip and Chase

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Look it was a poor display, but it happens. Some days you just get a hiding. The Broncos, Dogs (twice), Cowboys, Eels, Knights, Souths and Sharks have all had 50+ put on them this year. We took some injuries into the game and their was a "virus" going around the club. We lost Stewart and Harris early to injury and were down to 2 interchanges. Menzies had to play centre for most of the game.

However it was a performance that lacked commitment. Sure we were behind the eight ball, but there were certain players out there who just gave up. Certain clowns also decided to go the niggle once we were out of the game. Hidings happen, but how you respond to those hidings shows a lot about your makeup. Where was our inspirational leadership ? Kennedy turned out on one leg today and single handedly carried the forward pack, that's inspirational leadership. King has got to be kidding, he should hand his salary over to a worthwhile charity, as the Struggling Prop Foundation is not a worthwhile one IMO.

I cannot see the point in persisting with Monas as halfback, he offers nothing. He should also relinquish the Captaincy. This team will not win another game this year so why not blood some young talent. Really what have we got to lose.


Premium Member
That was the WORST performance in 30 years of watching this team. There can be no excuses, we looked a beaten team after 10 minutes and the score at that stage was 0-0.

So rather than rehash the on field performance, I will lay the blame squarley at the feet of Des Hasler. This team was not mentally prepared for this match and many others this year.

I will not cop the excuse that they couldn't train this week, this was the 23rd week of the season, if they don't know what is expected of them on the field by now they will never know.

What they needed was to be mentally prepared and armed with the right tactics to defeat the Sharks. Sadly Des has failed again.


First Grader
How many intercept passes did Witt want to throw today. He did set-up the only try. Without him the score would have been.



Reserve Grader
I wonder at what time this morning does the usual official apology go up on MSE, should be the usual cut and paste job from the previous years.

You must be a very busy boy today Mata, that darkside wagon of yours would be getting pretty full by now, can you save me a seat somewhere please?


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I am shattered. I was with my brother, a sharks fan. We decided to tape the match and watch it later....but we could not help take a peak at half time (using his mobile) when i saw 38-0 i thought this has to be wrong – so we tuned in and saw the rampage. It was so poor even my brother, who does not take a back ward step in rubbing in normal results, could not gloat. He just felt sorry for me – and that was the worst thing that could have happened. We ended up watching the match and I was embarrassed – no matter what happens this weekend or the rest of the year this is with us. Thank god we signed orford and bell a month ago


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Just realised something maybe des is foxing for 8th............
better off playing the broncos than the dragons or parra........


Journey Man
There's no longer any guarantee that the Broncos will win the premiership.

Can you imagine this mob of turkeys having to go to WIN Staium to take on the Dragons?


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I was afraid they were going to let in a 100 yesterday - win stadium at night who knows what the score would be

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