The outstanding record continues


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I didn't get the chance to say anything. I registered and was knocked back. My reputation must proceed me........

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DVS Matt here (Mayor Quimby, Ricky J etc) is the guy who is head honcho from what I can tell. A few other of the gang such as his lady, Grieg and CC_Eagle are some of the main runners in the site. Not bad either!!!

DVS Matt

what are you talking about Mata?

i have never denied you!!!!

kiwi, bought it up at our forum and i replied with the following:

you probably should of PM'd me so that i could explain it to you.

however, i'll explain it on here:

Matabele, tried to join my old forum after it was locked down. So I denied him access to it.

He then came onto this forum and joined up. It’s not up to me who joins…..i can make it that way if I wish. However ui noticed that a day or so after he had tried to join he was still inactive. So I manually activated his account and e-mailed him telling him that I have activated it due to the fact that the automatic e-mail had not been sent (this happened to a couple other people as well).

So has he tried logging in since my e-mail?

If not, get him to try that. Then if he still has probs logging in then get him to contact me.

I hope this clears things up for both Kiwi and Mata.


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Nah just ban him Matt, makes him feel better, he loves the persecution..........validates his existence ;)


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There you go Mata, you're free to step outside of ST.

He'll be excited as a poodle escaping from the back yard :)


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mata isnt paranoid he just eats too many special cookies


Kim Jong Dan
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yeah apparantly your the first there on mad monday to do the nude lap or at least watch the fellas do theirs!

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Mata - you are famous!!! You even have your own thread over at Manly Gang. Has never happend to me!!!!

Apparently there is another site you haven't actually been banned from - for now!!!! :lol:

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