The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

That’s true, but neither of those things explain his effort areas and poor defence which has been poor all year and I think the main reason he was dropped. He needs an attitude shift and work harder.
Can't disagree, although his effort areas will matter little if he lays on a couple of tries for himself and his teammates coinciding with a win and he does that on a consistent basis.
Abso-farking-lutely mate ! Everyone has taken a shot. I cannot WAIT until he turns the corner - has a full off season, comes back, rips in, and it'll be egg salad for one and all. This kid has that magic not many other players possess. If he can get back some fitness, game time, the skies the limits.

Also, I'm not automatically putting Brooks in the 6 jersey (it IS likely), but there will be competition for spots next season.

Whether Schuster plays the 6, 12, 13 or 14/17, he should be in there, and by god he'll provide and create spark - you just watch :sunglasses:
…. Didn’t we say that last year too?

Just sayin’
Not going to read all the other posts, but I will give Schuster some credit in some areas

He has been battered from pillar to post from all angles consistently for over a year. Not once has he said anything against the club, dropped his lip, claimed racism etc. All we hear from him is that he loves the place. Compare that attitude to Latrell Mitchell any time he cops criticism on his performance, talks of retirement, racism, woe is me, i need a break etc

I’ll chuck Brooks a compliment in that regard as well. Has been 5-6 years he has been copping it relentlessly, easy option would be to piss off to Super League, but he has just kept his head down and mouth shut and kept going
+1. Has copped it hard from fans and judging by the club website, he still has time to sign autographs and spend time with the fans. He could easily just walk off the field without so much acknowledging anyone. I understand his performance has been less than stellar, but he's the sort of player that needs parts to be working around him in the team. (ie healthy Turbo,etc) I'd say the size of his contract probably adds to the scrutiny, where the fans think he can be like Turbo and win a game on his own. I think part of me thinks that Foz fans were sad the way Foz left and maybe scapegoated Schu for that and has ever since nitpicked Schu's game.

40 nil

It's only a game ...
DCE on Schuster

“He faced some adversity this year, and he had to get his body right,” Cherry-Evans said. “He put himself into a position where he didn’t finish the season in first grade and now he needs to get that mindset where he has to win his jersey back at all costs. I know he can do it."

“I know how skillful he is, and how much ability he’s got. He needs to keep that consistency, not just with his footy, but his mindset – he needs to stay hungry all the time, and if he does that, I know how good a footy player he will be."

“He can be a very good five-eighth or a very good back-rower. That can only be a good thing for Manly. Good sides have that luxury of moving players when things go wrong in games."


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