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The Inside Word with Jamie Buhrer

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

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    The Inside Word with Jamie Buhrer - Manly Sea Eagles

    In this exclusive weekly series, Sea Eagles back-rower Jamie Buhrer blogs about the off-season, and week #2 of Manly's pre-season training as we surge for back-to-back premierships.

    Jamie Buhrer
    Another week in the books and slowly but surely we are starting to regain feeling in our arms and legs! It’s been tough once again, but our bodies are beginning to harden and endure the punishment much better then our first week back.

    The week also brought some good news for the club with the appointment of Dave Penna and Matt Parish as our new assistant coaches. It was an important step forward for not only Tooves and the coaching department, but also the players. DCE, Kieran Foran, Michael Oldfield, Darcy Lussick and myself have had two years under Dave Penna and have quite obviously benefited from his vast football knowledge.
    It’s a great move by the club giving him the opportunity to work with the NRL and no doubt continue developing players both young and old. Matt Parish comes to the club with a lot of experience. He’s a knowledgeable coach who is also a part of the NSW Blues coaching squad.

    With all the drama now put behind us it was refreshing to head down to Hoyts Warringah Mall and watch the Grand Final replay with a good number of our supporters. Each player had a seat beside them auctioned to fans and I found myself sitting next to a very polite/talkative young man. David from Penrith is 10 years old. He and his father travel from Penrith to Brookie for the majority of our home games to support us. It was a good reminder that Manly fans DO travel. All in all it was a good night and all profits went to The Sea Eagles Foundation.

    Thanks for all you questions this week! Just to answer a few ...

    Hi Jamie, great to read an article by one of the players. What position do you like best and what position do you think you'll play longterm? It seems backrow and hooker are your strengths. Leonie.

    My favourite position is definitely the back row. I also enjoy playing at hooker. So I’m pretty happy with the utility role I’m currently playing at the moment.

    JB, just a quick question on where you played your junior footy; was it Patrician Bros @ Blacktown? I'm a Blacktown boy and am glad to see you in the maroon n white, when you could easily have been in the blue n gold strip. Hope you get more game time in 2012 Jamie ! cheers Will

    I am a Blacktown boy. Born and bred. I played my junior football for the Hills District Bulls in the Parramatta competition. I played school football for Patrician Brothers College Blacktown.

    Hi Jamie, great break through year. Myself and many manly supporters really enjoyed watching. Where did Gary Riccardi come from? Good luck with the WCC and 2012.. Back2back!! Cheers, Andy

    Gary Riccardi is a Brisbane boy. He was a schoolboy representative for Queensland before he came to Manly.

    The week finished very sweetly for myself inking a three-year deal with the Sea Eagles. I’m very grateful to have got my start with the club I supported as a child and I look forward to more fruitful years to come.

    Until next week,

    Jamie Buhrer

    Jamie will be answering your questions each week, so if you'd like to ask him anything, leave a comment in the section below.
  2. Stevo

    Stevo Well-Known Member

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    What a good bloke and future superstar!
  3. anthonyb1965

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    Good read!!! Going to be a great Manly Player!!!
  4. The Who

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    Congratulations to the club, and Jamie, for taking the time to lift our spirits.
    Keep it up.
    With every item like this the confidence grows that 2012 will be way better than our critics think.
  5. Berkeley_Eagle

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    Riccardi, Another Queenslander that's a halfback

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