The Final 8 is Set!!!!

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I reckon the final 8 is set - it is only the order that might change. With Manly playing the top two with both of them set it is a chance for use to make the top 4 and get a home semi. Hard but possible.

Some may argue that Brisbane won't win another game and that the teams on 22 can still get past them. What chance St G ending 7th or 8th?

1 Storm 40
2 Bulldogs 34
3 Sea Eagles 28
4 Eels 26
5 Broncos 26
6 Knights 26
7 Dragons 26
8 Raiders 26


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it does appear that the 8 is set, although i dont think brisbane will win another game. I dont see any of the chasers winning all 3

we are a good chance of 3rd or 4th


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3rd place would be ideal . Not only would that guarantee a home semi final but also more chance of surviving into week 2 of the semi finals if we happened to lose.

The fact that we are playing the top 2 teams in the final 2 rounds , It's important to get a good win over the Bunnies next Sunday. This will improve our for & against which could come in handy when deciding the final 8 placings.

I believe we can win our next 2 games at Brookvale ( Souths & Bulldogs ). Melbourne at Olympic Park is a tough ask . I guess there's a chance the Storm could rest some key players in this match due to the fact they have nothing to play for. Craig Bellamy has shown before that he is prepared to do this.

Looking forward to next Sunday arvo at Brookvale. Hope to see a 15k + crowd down there.


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We have to keep winning. With 5 teams only 2 points behind us it is cruial that we kepp our noses in front. For and against will be crucial too.

The Dogs looked awesome today but we do seem to have a game that troubles them. If our forwards can at least limit the damage then the Dogs are vulnerable to a good attacking kicking game. As we all know, Orford has taken us to the top of the tree in terms of tries off kicks....


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round 26 at melbourne is going to be a top game. I can not wait!


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Manly will win both Brookie fixtures in my opinion, and Melbourne will be due for a loss.


Most of the top 8 hopefuls keep stumbling, I wouldn't disagree with you on the idea that the top 8 is set.

Our main focus should be winning against Souths. After that, any win is a bonus.


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My concern is that if we don't make the top 4, Ben Kennedy has potentially played his last game @ Brooky against The Panthers.
Our main focus should be winning against Souths. After that, any win is a bonus.
I couldn't agree more, play this week as if its a semi and win at all costs (Sutton out for the Bunnies should help) but with BK out and Minogue a good chance (Kite a faint chance) of being suspended it will not be a foregone conclusion. Then you never know what can happen over the last 2 rounds.

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Matai is supposed to come under scrutiny as well.

Focus must be on getting the two points against the Myxos. Anything less would cancel out so much good work.


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I tipped the top 8 last week when I worked through the remaining games, the only real surprise was Manly's great win. This Sunday is of huge importance, just so that we consolidate and hopefully post a big margin.

We may be lucky that after this weekend and especially against the Storm that they may rest some players and we get a surprise bonus 2 pts. My guess is we will face the Dragons at Brookie.


I would love to see that thread of our top 8 predictions at the start of the year.... i know i tipped the raiders for the spoon and also had cowboys and tigers in my 8... and the sharks and don't think i threw melbourne in the top 8 :lol:

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