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The Eagle's Round 1 Preview

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by The Eagle, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. The Eagle

    The Eagle Well-Known Member

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    So while Dragqueens and Noughts fans are eagerly awaiting kickoff we have to wait another few days....and a half? wtf? Who the **** does half days?

    In one corner we have the NRL Premiers and in the other corner we have the 1st losers,the runners up as was chosen by the NRL gods at the obscure venue of eden park? Riiiight ok lets ignore how weird that is for league to be played there

    The manly forward pack is known for 2 things,its orgasmic backrow and its very so so front row....however the warriors pack is known for being half man half amazing BUT they have had their unfair share of injuries.....so we have them in the pack this time around

    The backs battle looks alot more fun,with NRL newbie Hurrell going face to face with atleast one international,perhaps 2 and lets face it,the warriors would rather backs did not exist for this game as we easily should have the wood on them in this department

    Then we get to the all important halves,Johnson could face a bit of second year syndrome straight up but even with this terrible affliction he shouldnt be that awful,he wont go full retard on us unfortunately (Like Tim Smith did) and they also have the wonderful talents of Maloney,who cant kick a goal when the game is on the line.....seriously his goalkicking almost won us a premiership singlehandedly,In the other corner theres Johnson's job taker from the international scene K FOZ,tough little bastard maybe almost as tough as his new coach partnering Cherry Poppins,who might be the 1st halfback manly has had since his coach that every manly fan has loved (Because winning a grand final against a team $1,000,000 over the cap isnt enough for love,even doing so whilst your halves partner is infact...a CENTRE!)

    In the coaches we have 2 newbies,The embodyment of Manly Warringah vs a super league god (Because ESL IS HARD!!! I mean Chris Bailey was the buy of the year!)

    Unfortunately as we all know Manly in recent years isnt known for winning its first games of the season....however due to the injuries suffered by the warriors i predict a win by six therefore ending a meaningless yet annoying drought

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