The Difference Two weeks make

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After the trial against the Tigers we were all upbeat and looking forward to the season ahead. We spanked the Premiers, we looked good around the Park and all was in readiness.

This weekend - Doom and Gloom. What worried me more than losing was the way in which we lost. We didn't have less of the ball, had more ball in their territory but lacked enthusiasm, drive, cohesion and organisation. Can we improve - undoubtedly and we will but it confirmed my worst fears about our five-eighth and centre problems plus the poor work of our defence in moving up and also working well in our own quarter.


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I disagree Canteen....From round 13 (16 games ago) last year, I think a few realists have seen the writing on the board. 14 losses out of those 16 games later, and here we are today.

I don't know if you've seen the game on television (I recorded it if you want a copy), but Pearce and co. were utilising analagy's like pitifil, lack cohesion, lost, no forward thrust, disgraceful defence.

Trials mean nothing obviously...and I thought Hasler screwed them up as well. Cherry and Moorwood for goodness sakes?

Any other team, and I mean ANY other team that had suffered 14 losses from 16 starts (I say that number because it was when our string of losses began), then there would be a turnover of coach.

You know Dessie is called in jest "the golden boy" by those who make decisions at club level, so there is zero accountability from the ground up.

Jason King is still in the team for example. I honestly thought he'd improve on 05 poor performance, but not so. Surely Roach can tell the guy to run more low to the ground, so he doesn't get forced back evey bloody tackle !!!

It comes down to trend analysis, and the fans are sick to death of losing...I know I am...hence why ANOTHER Des Hasler loss is SO I think you have to give people latitude to vent frustration.

Trust me. If we are winning, it will be all bells and whistles....but 14 from 16 !!!


You say it's 14 from 16 but as far as i see it the 2005 stats stay in 2005!!

Realistically we are 0 from 1 .... we are a newish team this year... 3 of the 4 major playmaking positions have been swapped around (hooker, 5/8, halfback and fullback is the only one remaining the same) ... i think scrap last years results, it's done and buried wait until we get the team working well together and just be patient.. it will take a bit of time, i think.

What will be said if we get up over the cowboys i wonder?


I know... i think i post alot more now that i have her in my avatar.. just to see more of her

So if there is a post that makes no sense to what the thread topic is.. it's because i wanna see her again hahaha

Well thats my excuse anyway :dance:


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Well ,i have been keeping my mouth shut ,up until i saw the game ...
That felt like deja vu of the back half of the season last year..
We didnt look like we could score,the attack was ordinary..
Call me a fool ,but -Manly to tear comboys a new arsehole next week,
13+..... & after that game if we lose ,then i will get sad like u boys..

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