The difference between an eagle & an eel

The difference between an eagle & an eel

For anyone who saw tonights game.
How come Hoppas career is over & PJ Marsh gets rewarded with a try to his team ?
If you didn't see it, PJ rushed up on Barrett to put pressure on a kick, elbow first. The contact wasn't quite the same but five centimetres to the right & it would've been. A fight fluffed around & in the confusion Wade McKinnon ran the length of the field.
Parra get away with too much & it is a disgrace. I'm sick of 'em, I can't even remember why now but after we played them last year I felt that Manly should've threatened to withdraw from the comp unless Parra came under the same rules as everyone else.
To anyone who supports the Eels, shame, shame, shame. I don't know how you sleep at night.
The difference between an eagle & an eel

difference is... Hoppa actually made real contact to the head.. knocked the bloke out.. and blood was rushing from his ears.

In this case.. he barely hit him.. and Barrett got straight up and attacked him.. I think he should of been penalised for a late hit.. but thats nowhere near what Hoppa did.
The difference between an eagle & an eel

It wasn't late though, just elbow. What about intent ? What about "it's the thought that counts"? He didn't aim to miss him, he just accidently almost did. It was the same thing, just done without as much precision.
Do we live in such a barbarian society that a murderer should be hung, drawn & quartered where an attempted murderer gets three goats & a busty wench to do with all as he pleases. It's the same crime with a different result & a different coloured jumper.
The difference between an eagle & an eel

yeah he should get a few weeks for a late hit. it was late. not doubt about that in my opinion. Dont know about intent.. he was going for a charge down...

Hoppa ran out of the line and smashed a forward before he got the ball.. Barrett was going to kick.. so he put his arms up to protect himself..
The difference between an eagle & an eel

I think you're being a tad diplomatic KaZa. If it were Morley or Hoppa or McGoldrick or Cleal or etc etc he probably would've gone for that. I honestly believe that the jumper has a lot to do with it.
Parra going well is good for footy & all that sh1t. Just like Brocky.
Inequality is one thing that I just can't stand.
(I still don't think it was late)
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The difference between an eagle & an eel

Close but no cigar Duff.........the elbow missed the head.....there is NO comparison to the Hoppa incident!
The difference between an eagle & an eel

Missed the head but glanced the jaw, that's what Bazza was throwing 'em for. I don't understand how you can say no comparison. Freeze the tape 20cm away from the point of contact & you tell me the difference. Who cares about results, intent is the culprit. Just because Hoppa has better aim doesn't make him a more violent player.
The difference between an eagle & an eel

come on Duff... Hoppa ran out of the line.. its a bit different when Marsh was going for a charge down...
The difference between an eagle & an eel

Hoppa was going for a tackle.
Both charge downs & tackles are accepted parts of the game. If you perform them in the same manner, you should receive the same penaly (or lack thereof).
If a high tackle that hits is downgraded to careless if no intent is found, shouldn't one that misses be upgraded to attempted if intent is found.
If PJ had no intent, neither did Hoppa.
PJ ran out of the line as well, that's what you do on a charge down so there's no difference there either.
The difference between an eagle & an eel

Didn't see the tackle, but I think Duff has a point. The circumstances of running out of line v going for a chargedown seems largely irrelevant to me - both are legal if effectively discharged. Based on the descriptions, seems both were clearly reckless, both hit the head with the elbow, & difficult to establish intent to hit head with elbow. Maybe PJ is just lucky he's not Hoppa's size & is more of a pop-gun than a cannon.

I'll wait to see the tackle to form a firm opinion.
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The difference between an eagle & an eel

Im not about to defend Hoppa at all. He's done enough to our club to warrent his criticism but the late shot on Barret last night did make contact with the jaw. More so than the Video let on. They played the good angle just once and played the soft angles numerious times. A cleched fist was enough to move barrets head 90' and knock him to the ground. I would have come up swinging too.

There's no comparison with the hoppa incident, but it was worthy of a penalty and no try.

For mine, 10 in the bin.
The difference between an eagle & an eel

the real difference between manly and parramatta is the football they are playing.sensational game of rugby league.they are the most obvious threat to brisbane at the moment and are light years ahead of us.
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The difference between an eagle & an eel

Especially if they keep mander - they have a great chance. love the markers not square again the saints many times but not once against parra who were not always square.

I thought the hit was similar to hoppas yet pj jsut didnt stuff up as bad. The point being 16 weeks Vs a try is a HUGE gap.

1 The elbow was cocked - something that caused hoppa a lot of grief.

2. There was contact with the head.

3. It was bordering on late - certainly after the ball was released. (kaza, gallaway did have the ball before hoppa got him)

4 Both were rushing up to put a big hit on whilst the player wasnt fully ready - intent was the same

After wednesday night and now this we are heading into soccer territory. If Barret had stayed down, played it groggy till the decision is made the video ref had no choice but to send him off ala hoppa.

This has been reintereated here that the outcome weighs up more than the incident itself.

Lets just say if i were coach id be contemplting right now saying if you get in that situation stay down. If you really want to cover your ass then take the player off for 10 minutes for a breather and have him come back on fired up.
The difference between an eagle & an eel

forgetting the reffing fluffy which was ordinary,they are playing very good footy at the moment and will be difficult to get over.
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The difference between an eagle & an eel

I thought the wide angle shot was the most telling and bore enormous similarities to the Hoppa incident. Both rushed the player from a long way out and even though the play was finished they both went on with it. I think it will eventually go to the judiciary and he will get 2 weeks. He is damn lucky he didn't fully connect. There was no need for a cocked elbow and it looked bad to me.
The difference between an eagle & an eel

whatever the correct decision was(i honestly dont know) it turned the game entirely.was one of the best games of league i have seen in a while.ben smith,widders,riddell were great.

qld may seriously consider tim smith next year.they need to try something.
Winging it
The difference between an eagle & an eel

I think Qld missed Billy. Their wide passing to Bowen and broken play lacked a lot. Parra are playing really well - we can just hope it all falls apart in about 5 weeks. I added Ben Smith to my fantasy league team about 3 weeks ago :dance:
The difference between an eagle & an eel

im sure parramatta will find a way to disintegrate as pre the usual script but i wish they would hurry the moment broncos,parra and st george(at full strength) look by far the most likely with melbourne being the smokey to scare a few sides in september.

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