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The Devolution of the Sloth


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Aug 4, 2010
One ****ing thought in 40 years....

Manly hatred still burns for legend Magpie Bruce ‘The Sloth’ Gibbs
DEAN RITCHIE, Oberon, The Daily Telegraph
November 18, 2019 7:33am

Forty-years on and hate for the Silvertail Sea Eagles refuses to die for fiery Fibro Bruce ‘The Sloth’ Gibbs.
The Daily Telegraph interviewed one of rugby league’s great characters in his hometown of Oberon — only to discover the hostility toward Manly still runs deep.
Discussing his time at Wests in the late 1970s, Gibbs spoke about the infamous Silvertails-Fibros days when Manly and Wests clashed violently.
A true character, Gibbs also talked about former Magpie teammates Tom Raudonikis and John ‘Dallas’ Donnelly along with the notorious pre-game face-slapping under then Wests under coach Roy Masters.
It started during an exhibition match at Melbourne in 1978 and erupted for the following three years. The brawls were fierce and ugly.
So did Gibbs really hate Manly?
“Bloody oath – with every physical part of our being. I still do,” Gibbs said. “Forty years later and I still hate every one of those Manly players.
“They had all the money and we had nothing. We were playing thanks to raffle tickets. I was the second highest paid player at Wests and I was getting $5000 a year. I think Tommy was getting $7000.
“Manly all lived on the northside and I was working six days a week and up until 11am on Sunday on game day. I used to turn up to the game dressed in work gear.
“Roy came up with the Fibros-Silvertails idea to rev us up. The games were violent but it was more entertaining than today’s game. No-one took a step back too far.”

Wests players would psyche up by slapping each other and punching walls. Fights would break out between teammates pre-game, the entire drama caught by the 60 Minutes cameras in 1979.
“It was to get you into a violent frame of mind, to tell you the truth. That’s what it was,” Gibbs recalled. “Roy used to tell us to warm our faces up — it was designed to get you out of your skin.
“We played Manly one day and when we tossed the coin ‘Dallas’ jobbed one of them while we were swapping ends. It was about mateship for us. If anyone touched any of our players then we were going to get him. We were all country blokes.
“We’d all grab hold of each other and then Les or Dallas would go off. I still think Roy was gee-ing them up to do it, to get everyone going.
“You had to pick the right bloke. You wouldn’t go near Boyd or ‘Dallas’. Me and Graeme O’Grady weren’t very enthusiastic. It got everyone going.”

The dressing rooms had old metal lockers which the Wests players would bang as they screamed out the names of Manly players. Often, Magpies players would enter the field with blood running from their noses.
“You walked into Lidcombe Oval — that was the end of you. Lidcombe was ours. It was intimidating,” Gibbs said. “The crowds were brilliant. It was very quiet and then Roy (Masters, then coach) would start.
His nickname became legendary.
“I’ve only got three toes on one foot,” Gibbs said. “So Dallas called me The Sloth. I asked him what Sloth meant? He said: “Three-toed, slow-moving, tree-dwelling mammal.’ Dallas gave everyone nicknames. Graeme O’Grady was Snake, Les Boyd was Gum Leaves.
“My foot got crushed in a forest machine when I was about 12. They had to cut them off because the toes just died. Every bone is my foot was broken. The crushing buggered the blood vessels so they died.
“Up here (in Oberon) no one calls me that. They call me Burger for some reason. (Gibbs is 140kgs. He hit 205kgs but lost 100kgs through Jenny Craig).
Bruce "The Sloth" Gibbs now runs a haulage business.
Bruce "The Sloth" Gibbs now runs a haulage business.
Gibbs and Donnelly were Wests’ props during the late 1970s. Uncompromising, uncomplicated, fearless, larrikins.
“Dallas invited me to the pub one day when I arrived at Wests. He said to me: ‘We mightn’t win too many games but we’ll have a f…ing good time’,” Gibbs said
“We won a lot of games and we had a real good time. It was unbelievable some of the things we got up to but you’d never be able to put them in the paper. We were both banned from Wests Leagues Club.
“We’d mostly drink at Concord RSL Club until Dallas got us banned there too. We’d also drink at the Railway Hotel at Lidcombe after training.”


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Oct 8, 2011
Ahhhh it's all part of the wonderful historical fabric that makes up the game of footy we all love / like!

At least he can warm his aging bones at the glow of all the magpie premierships and still watch his team run around each week and...


Harvies elbow

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Apr 28, 2016
He's a pathetic, whinging product of the masters era.
On fibros v silvertails him and cry baby Graeme O'Grady are sooking the whole time.
They go on about how tough they were yet not once, not one player took Terry Randall on one on one.
Always in a pack.
In fact none of them took any of our bigger blokes on by themselves.
And they carry on about the genius of Roy Masters.
How many comps did Roy win.
He was more of a mistress and I'm glad they will take the maroon and white pain to their miserable graves...

Peter C

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Sep 15, 2010
And therein lies the problem with the Sloth and his hatred of Manly, he would not have been able to get a run in Manly's reserve team at that time and yet he says he was West's second highest paid player after Raudonikis and yet they had Boyd and Dorahy in the team as well.
He was lucky to get money like that, all of our players had to have other jobs as well, just more bulll$hit from that hack, Roy Masters, I just loved it when he lost the 1985 GF to Warren Ryan, and I couldn't stand Ryan also.


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Oct 8, 2011
Gotta love slow nrl days.

You get to see which 'jerk-no' dusts off its anti Manly folder to regurgitate some column inches.


In Greek footy....

Another example of the passion of Greek players and supporters is the fact games between the seven clubs in the domestic competition have been organised in secret and are often played after midnight so as to reduce the risk of arrest.

A dispute with the Hellenic Modern Pentathlon Federation has become so bitter they claim it is illegal for anyone to play rugby league under the governance of any organisation, including the Greek Rugby League Association.

Greece hosted a Test against Malta last year but to prevent the game being disrupted fake details were announced, including a venue 200km away, and when the police turned up in the early hours of the morning the match was almost over.



The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
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Jul 26, 2010
Hating the rich and successful is a typical pathetic tall poppy thing .

Arko was hated

Bozo the Incomparable Immortal and greatest ever player was hated

The whole fcking Manly club was hated

As soon as we became rich , powerful and successful every League fan and his dog and cat hated us

I admire successful people and pity tall poppy people

There is an old and true saying ....

Blowing out some one elses candles does not make yours shine any brighter



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Jun 22, 2010
LMFAO! what a load of shyte he says he was on 5k in the 70s, that was bloody good coin and I doubt Many Manly forwards were on more.

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