The Book of Albert

Hopoate seems taller and faster than Jorge yet we have put up with him for years
Just saying Jorge is a beast bringing the ball out of our end. And he can put on a bone rattling hit - neither of which Albert could do. But yes Jorge struggles massively under the high ball and with getting caught out in defence. Sadly Hopoate didn't offer anything in any part of the game. He might well become a superstar but based on this year the NRL is simply too "big" for him - just based on those few games. He was way way off the pace in all aspects.
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Issues included not putting players in first grade who are not ready.
Lol. A good idea from Albert's perspective to be in a different city from his 'well-meaning' dad. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see Albert eventually prosper at NRL level but it will probably take at least another year or two. Assuming he sticks it out, it he goes away for Mormon mission it will only get harder.
John's attitude made it very close to untenable for Albert to remain at Manly, a pity but we'll get over it :)
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I think the last chapter has been written, this book needs to close!!
Yeah and maybe for the best with some of the baggage that it seemed to create over nothing really from Manly ;s perspective , Also Will never made it back [ Quite sure he would not have proved an overall plus if he did and with his asking contracts since he left ] Unlikely with Jamial , and the youngest Hoppa in the Manly juniors ? Maybe another chapter to not fully discount yet
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imo I feel that to get rid of dad Manly needed to get rid of the whole clan. We need to do a complete exorcism of john. he is a constant accident waiting to happen. even though we have tried to re introduce to the league world he is constantly farking his chances, and drag our name through the shet that he creates. We are guilty by association to this family. I would have loved to have had a combination of Hopoate and Tribojevic. but the Hopoate cancer needs to be cut out. How long before shet for brains dad John is going to want a say in the team selections. Than what next coach the team from his dinning room. Not to mention that if does not like what is happening he will sprout shet to the media who will eat it up because he is good for comic relief but damage our brandsince he will be forever associated with Manly. lets put it where it is. Apart from William who was hot when played for us but has never reached the same level after his mission which other Hopoate has set the world on fire. Unlike the Tribojevic good family stock, never hear a pip from their dad and they all seem to be a credit to Manly, the community and the game. I may be harsh but it is a unpleasant truth
Team P W L PD Pts
15 14 1 298 28
14 11 3 209 24
15 11 4 181 22
14 9 5 68 20
14 9 5 57 20
14 9 5 36 20
14 7 7 21 16
14 7 7 -72 16
15 7 8 29 14
15 7 8 -4 14
15 7 8 -39 14
14 4 10 -178 10
15 4 11 -107 8
14 3 11 -168 8
15 4 11 -185 8
15 3 12 -146 6
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