The Blame game


Kim Jong Dan
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Right so whos fault is it.

Lets single out the players the staff and the others that caused this fantastic 3 game losing streak at the end of the season.


It's mine.

I came up to Sydney for the game against the Raiders and the game against the Broncos. We lost both.

If i had not of come, we would have won, and we would have finished higher.


Kim Jong Dan
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I will answer for Byso

Dessie haslers fault
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The problem resided in the forwards. Apart from BK and Kite , on occasions, they just didn't go forward. Ergo, there's a coaching problem. I saw roach on fox the other night and to me he seems stuck in the past. He was constantly on about the five metres and lamented the absence of any softening up stuff. Neanderthal and time to go. We need a forward coach with some smarts between the ears, not some old hack who gave his best to some other team. Dessy later.


We just don't have the playing roster to match the likes of St george, Brisbane and the dogs. How many of our team would make the dragons line up? No many.

The club should concentrate on buying promising young players who will be first grade in 2-3 years time.

St george's team consists of a lot of players from the flegg side of a couple of years ago coached by Brown and same with the bulldogs whose flegg team was coached by Stuart at the time.

Buying promising young players is the way to go not just paying overs for stars. We must also buy size - big mobile guys like saints forwards.

Manly must really miss norths and wests not being in the competition these days as they usually just bought the best players from these teams in the past.
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For once King is not to blame - I thought he had a real dig, especially against St George.

Watmough did some very stupid things and by his own admission had a poor year. IT was back to the bad old days for Choc who is dangerously close to reverting to his previous nickname of "blue arsed".

Bell was never the same after Beaver smashed his cheek and therefore we lacked penetration and a backline strike weapon. Blame Beaver's forehead and Bell for being soft.

Hicks has spent the last two year's preening his feathers and chasing Miss Universe and is a shadow of his 2004 self.

Orford went missing in our two finals games and there remains a very large question mark about his big match pedigree.

Monaghan is one of the wors hookers in the comp, pedestrian and predictable.

Dunley committed way too many errors in his time on the field. It was a releif to see Monaghan waddle back on which is saying something.

Rose, good in attack but diabolical in defence.

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