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The Adjudicator says

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

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    Manly v Wests Tigers, Bluetongue Stadium, Sunday 3pm (EST)
    The Adjudicator says:
    "These two played out a Monday-night thriller in round one and I am expecting much of the same in their second bout. The Tigers will be pleased to be relieved of a trip to Brookvale and will take comfort at the Switzerland of the NRL in Bluetongue Stadium. The Tigers will require Benji to bring his kicking boots along with his dancing shoes because doing it in fours this time might not be good enough against a circling Sea Eagles team."


    The Missing Hairline from Wollongong says: "Mr "A" I'm in shock all those negative waves and nasty remarks from those Tiger Supporters and I thought they were nice people, fancy bagging Dezzy's hair style, George "Big Mac" Roses weight and the speed or lack of by TRex - this has become personal with no quality comments on football at all by this angry mob who will turn up at Bluetonge Stadium in droves just like Damo said, just to go all the way back to Tiger territory with their tails between their legs after getting a football lesson from the Mighty Eagles - and as Waspie said, the Tigers will get their third shirt sponser on their new strip (and they have quite a few they must think their supporters are rolling in it) Oh! the new strip All Black with a yellow stripe on the back, Eagles by 29. Bring it On Toothless Tigers."

    Tigers fan Waspie from Avoca Valley says: Mr Adj, the Tigers will roll and smoke the Eagles on a glorious Sunday afternoon in the real God’s Country. George Rose is being craned out of his bedroom window and shipped up to Gosford with a send off organised by Manly council, Dessie is having a special blow dry down at Brookvale Just Cuts. Meanwhile, the tigers have gone into camp at Toowoon Bay to focus on their goal kicking and the potential to have a 3rd jersey sponsor. It’ll be a cracker game with no support for the Eagles and 15,000 Entrance Tigers fans turning out to see their sister club go round. Tigers by 15.

    Paul from Orange says: The difference between this year's performance and the last five years is that the Tigers are capable of a cruising win over the lesser teams. I'm expecting them to step it up against the better teams and come home with a wet sail similar to last year. The Tigers have the higher skill level across the park and will win it by 12 if Benji has his kicking boots on.

    Mat from the real world says: I love listening to all these silvertails who can only win a premiership by default. The Tiges haven't been as good as they could be the last few weeks but are still winning so the sook eagles better just hope we give them a 20-point head start again cause that is the only way they will have a chance in this one. Tiges by 20.

    David from Canberra says: Wow, Manly beat a struggling Sharks and all of a sudden they are premiership contenders. They lost the second half 18-12 and also gave up a massive lead against the Tigers in round one. To Jim, you are a joke!!! Fulton received a cracked sternum from Thug Williams in that game and battled on bravely. Marshall to cut loose against a slow Manly pack and Tuqiri to score three tries against the human turning circle Williams.

    Damo says: Righto, so the Tim and Tom brigade have had their say prior to Wednesday night’s episode of the Matty Johns show. The Tigers aren't Canberra and they're definitely not Cronulla. So if by beating those "leading lights" Manly are back on track, well. Let’s just say, they probably should have played this one at Brookvale. Manly are despised on the Central Coast due to the failed Northern Eagles experiment. The Tigers on the other hand have a huge following up there. So counting in the "Leichhardt by sea" factor I think it will be Manly who are shown to be premiership pretenders. Manly will shoot out of the blocks to an 18-point lead only to be mowed down in the last 10 minutes, again, like they have consistently done this year. Tigers have shown, like St George and Penrith above them on the ladder, that razzle dazzle might be good entertainment but it often results in losing three out of every four games. That’s been fixed this season. Tigers by seven to cement a top-four spot for the finals and Manly to look forward to lapping Newcastle in round 21 and crowing about being "back on track".

    Matty says: You watch the tigers really hit top gear this week against the beagles and put on a big score against a team that IMO is no where near the side they were a couple of years ago. The tigers have won 7 from the last 8 without playing their top footy and the beagles have been very ordinary in the past month or so with a lucky win against souths and a win against the bye ( woops I mean Cronulla ). Tigers will win by plenty.

    Shane of Melbourne says: The tigers should win this one but will give the eagles every possible chance of beating them. The tigers are doing something they didn't do last year that is win the close games and win games they shouldn't win, which is a sign of a good team. Last night was a clear indication of that only played 30 minutes of footy ball and come away with the points benji looked great and knows just what to do and the right time. Tigers for me seven points.

    Dave of Miami says: Manly have been overrated all season. Cronulla last week were terrible, and I reckon the Cunnamulla Kindergarten would have beaten them. The Tigers have been stumbling through games and coming up trumps after the 80 minutes. From a Tigers fans point of view, it's very frustrating, but when we look at the ladder, we can take some comfort. Robert Louie needs to be back at 7, and if big Gareth Ellis plays, then it's game over for Manly. Manly will go into the game with plenty of confidence, but that may be a bad thing for the team, given they beat nothing. I like the Tigers misfiring but deadly backline to put this one away for us and sneak into second place on the ladder.

    Brett says: All the tiger knockers out there... you just keep knocking them and unless your a panther or dragons supporter you really don't have to many credentials to be bagging them. You dont sit on 3rd for this long by luck. The Tiger machine will keep on rolling and you will be all eating your words.... AGAIN. Mighty Tigers by 1-4 cause thats all we need to win by.

    David says: Mr A – get on the Eagles – they are carrying passengers upfront i.e. Perry but they have a very strong record at Bluetongue and Watmough looks like he may be ready to fire! Eagles by 10.

    The Pumpa says: The Tigers have been lucky of late and I think they are due for a reality check and the sea eagles are just the team to give it to them. The Sea Eagles will be winning this by 13 plus.

    Jim from Newcastle says: Sadly, what should be a cracker of a game will be decided by the referees. Some NRL referees simply don't like Manly, and while I thought the Tigers had eased on the soccer dives they mastered in the first half of the season Farah's dive last night to draw a penalty would make any Italian soccer coach (or John Cartwright) happy. Here's hoping T-Rex will give Liam Fulton a valid reason to stay down on Sunday, unlike in round one where he made a remarkable recovery once the whistle blew.

    Geoff from Summer Bay says: Le Stadium Suisse ('Langue Bleue'; c'est plus Francais que Allemand) is just a short trip from Summer Bay, so I and Mr Oddly will be there watching Manly beat Benji's boys. We looked very good against the Sharks and the Raiders. I thought Lyon was a close second to Watmough for MoM vs Sharks. Let's hope Jamie's foot holds up as we Move Forward. Manly by eight.

    Penno from Brisbane says: Mr A, I think Manly are the dangerous floaters of the NRL…and by that I don't mean that they're….um…I think you get my drift. With Lyon on song and still the prospect of B-Stew to return, we could give this thing a shake. Dessie just needs to remind them all that games are traditionally two halves and they should probably play both of them.

    Barry from Sydney says: Mr Adjudicator, The Tigers are primed to fall off their band-wagon. The carry-on when they finally managed to hit the lead in the last 10 minutes on Monday night would make you think they were playing premiership contenders, not the team that was saved from a splintered rear-end by the fattened pockets of the Storm. They are the chief pretenders among the top eight and the football gods are about to crash on top of them. I suspect the Tigers will rename Bluetongue Stadium, Blue Bum Stadium after the flogging they get and the Tigers will be renamed the pussy-cats following a lacklustre performance this Sunday. Manly by 20+.
  2. Jethro

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    Huhh ? ? ?  WTF
  3. Canteen Worker

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    That one really puzzled me. It just demonstrated that the brain pool for some of those posters is not terribly deep!! The person who suggested we would win when Brett Stewart comes back is just as deluded!!
  4. Berkeley_Eagle

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  5. Andrew..

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