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Telecrap at it again !! 10 Reasons why evryone hates Manly!!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by SeaEagle007, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. SeaEagle007

    SeaEagle007 Well-Known Member

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    KEN Arthurson says 40 years of hatred towards his beloved Manly Sea Eagles has moulded an unbreakable bond that can deliver another premiership to Brookvale this year.

    "The hate and us-against-them mentality has built up and gathered momentum over the years to an extent where it now works in our favour," Arthurson said yesterday, "and I think it's jealousy as much as anything else.

    "It has built a very special bond over the years between the players, the coaching staff and our army of supporters."

    That may well be so, but Manly's separatist approach to the rugby league world has made it one of the most hated clubs in sport.

    How many people do you know whose second team is Manly? Zero?

    For the uninitiated, here are the 10 reasons Manly have made so many enemies over four decades.

    1 The Silvertails

    WITH no salary cap in the 1980s, the rich bought champions and the poor survived on chook raffles, meat trays, juniors and cheap country imports.

    Arthurson had the biggest chequebook in the ARL via a thriving leagues club and superstar Bob Fulton's close friendship with the late Kerry Packer.

    In 1980 Arthurson almost destroyed the Western Suburbs Magpies by signing second-rower Les Boyd, hooker Ray Brown and fullback or centre John Dorahy in one swoop. Grudge matches between the two clubs became known as the Silvertails versus Fibros.

    But even today, Arthurson still brushes off criticism of the Magpies raid. "Did it ever occur to people that Wests pinched those three blokes in the first place? Dorahy from Illawarra, Boyd from Cootamundra and Brown from the Riverina," Arthurson said.

    Still, no other club could compete with them financially. They even tried to pinch Peter Sterling from Parramatta in the mid-1980s and Wally Lewis and Gene Miles from the Brisbane competition.

    "I laughed at the Silvertails tag because Freddy Jones used to work on the wharf and Terry Randall drove a truck," Arthurson said. "They were as working class as you could get."

    2 Northern Eagles

    MANLY were blamed for killing off the North Sydney Bears after a disastrous merger that lasted just two years. It was a marriage that was never going to work because of such a long history of rivalry between the two clubs.

    It did nothing for Manly's popularity as the battling Bears were everyone's second team in those days because they were so hopeless.

    Even these days, as the Bears attempt to re-establish themselves on the Central Coast, the rivalry still exists with Manly desperately trying to keep north of the harbour bridge as their own junior nursery.

    3 Bear hunt

    IT wasn't just Western Suburbs who felt the pain of Manly's spending power. The Bears lost champion winger Ken Irvine to Manly in 1971 and the freakish Cliff Lyons in 1986. Manly also signed John Gray and Don McKinnon from North Sydney.

    "They came to us because they wanted to win premierships," said veteran official Peter Peters, "That was as important as money. They wanted to be win." Arthurson backs it up by revealing: "I tried to talk Ken Irvine into staying at Norths because he was a life member, but he was determined to sign with us."

    4 Arko's power

    KEN Arthurson was the boss of the NSW Rugby League and ARL from 1983 to 1995 when the Super League war erupted. For more than a decade he was the most influential figure in the game.

    Manly's perceived favouritism was one of the reasons so many of the clubs were prepared to listen to Super League executives when the breakaway competition was being discussed and planned. And it was the chance to finally become as wealthy as the Sea Eagles.

    5 Whingers

    ONE of the most famous quotes in rugby league history came from Bob Fulton when he declared he'd like to run referee Bill Harrigan over with a cement truck.

    The Eagles refuse to just sit back if they feel the NRL has treated them poorly. Coach Des Hasler is still complaining about his champion fullback Brett Stewart being suspended for a month in 2009.

    6 Seven tackles

    MANLY beat Parramatta in a semi-final replay in 1978 on the way to beating Cronulla in the grand final - thanks to controversial referee Greg Hartley. Hartley blundered with his tackle counts seven times - six times favouring Manly.

    He also sent off Ray Price, who was later exonerated by the judiciary.

    7 Rabbitoh raid

    MANLY are the only club to win premierships in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. They did it in 1972 by pinching champion prop John O'Neill and Test centre Ray Branighan from South Sydney, outraging Rabbitohs fans.Arthurson said: "It's funny no-one complained when we lost our greatest player in history Bob Fulton to Eastern Suburbs, yet we weren't allowed to sign anyone."

    8 The Poms

    MANLY have hardly won a competition without importing champions from Great Britain. From Malcolm Reilly, who was their greatest import, to 1987 grand final man-of-the-match Kevin Ward, the Sea Eagles had the cash to raid the English rugby league as often as other Sydney teams.

    They had three world-class Poms in 1976 - lock Steve Norton, half-back Gary Stephens and second-rower Phil Lowe - when they steamrolled their way to the title.

    9 The 'Bozo' Factor

    THE league Immortal has always been perceived as having a huge influence over selections for representative football.

    Whether it's City-Country, State of Origin or the Kangaroos, Bozo has been involved as either a coach or selector for more than two decades.

    Whenever a Manly player is chosen in borderline decisions, it's supposedly because Bozo is involved.

    "Bozo's the most competitive person you'll ever meet," Arthurson said. "Of course he loves Manly, but he loves winning too. He has always picked the best available in consultation with the coaches, no matter what club they play for."

    10 Enemies within

    PAUL Vautin v Bob Fulton, Peter Peters v the current board, Max Delmege v the Penn family. Don't worry about fans from other clubs, they even don't get on among themselves. The 1987 premiership-winning skipper Paul Vautin fell out with coach and league Immortal Bob Fulton. They didn't speak for years.

    Vautin also fell out with the late chief executive Doug Daley when he was forced to join the Roosters in 1990 after Manly refused to make him an offer.

    Max Delmege, the former property tycoon who bailed out the club when they were broke and about to fold, couldn't get on with the Penn family.

    Club legend Peter "Zorba" Peters has been involved in feuds with the Delmege family, more recently with new CEO David Perry, and board members Melinda Gainsford-Taylor and Bob Reilly.[hr]
    I'm loving the siege mentality... Like seriously was this even news worthy??? Is that all they have. If anything they have given our boys more ammunition to go out there and play harder now.
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    • lismore_fan

      lismore_fan Well-Known Member

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      It's a good read but if ppl have to go back to Arko-time (1995) to find things not to like Manly, then they're kidding themselves - that's nearly two generations ago.

      If they don't like Manly, well Fcuk 'em.... We don't like them!
    • Rex

      Rex Well-Known Member

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      Listed together they show how puerile the totally of the reasons for their hated are.

      They hate simply because they need to hate.

      Bring it on!
    • wombatgc

      wombatgc Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Rothfield again...say no more.:s
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      • sheridanstand78

        sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

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        Again its all about News Limited showing their fear of our great club. The article is again full of half truths and myths.

        They hate us cause we defied super league in a nut shell. Galloping goose and that silly cow Wilson will never forgive us for that.

        The more we win the more we defy them.

        We are the telecraps worst nightmare.

        Stick it up em Manly!!
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        • Lennox Local

          Lennox Local Member

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          I reckon that was a great article, for every reason to hate, there is a simple explanation. It all balances out.
          The real reason is jealousy and the location, oh the location.
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          • SeaEagleRock8

            SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            "In 1980 Arthurson almost destroyed the Western Suburbs Magpies by signing second-rower Les Boyd, hooker Ray Brown and fullback or centre John Dorahy in one swoop. Grudge matches between the two clubs became known as the Silvertails versus Fibros."

            I got as far as the first paragraph to find the first lie.
            The Fibros v Silvertails grudge matches started in 1978 ... well before we signed any of their players.
          • Shoe1

            Shoe1 Well-Known Member

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            Cliffy was man of the match in 87 grand final by a country mile.
          • SwornEagle

            SwornEagle Well-Known Member

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            love it... the more they're hating the better we're playing!!
          • The Gronk

            The Gronk Well-Known Member

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            Don't have a cry, they're just trying to give their readers what they want.

            They will hardly have the newspapers flying off the stands in Penriff if they write about how great Manly is, and they don't have much choice but to write about us given we are the only Sydney club remaining.
          • dowdz

            dowdz Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            Just more motivation for the boys.
          • Cameron

            Cameron Cambo

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            Gees guys dont get your pantys in a knot. Great article being hated is a trophy we should wear with pride
          • HappilyManly

            HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            Nowdays its 'a Player has a right to look after himself..'
            The ones that had the business sense to take the Manly offer must be pissed that their own Club didnt value them as highly.

            Parra took the Souths play maker this year and rightfully justified it with the above.

          • Jado

            Jado Member

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            Haha...I sent a email to Phil Rotherfiled, copied below. The fact that 7 of 9 point date back to the 80's means that there is little reason to hate Manly for, and the people of wider Sydney i speak to reiterate this...they like Manly.

            Don't be fooled by the Media beat up.....it's only the media stating that the hatred is there across the population....its all crap.

            My email to Phil Rothfield

            Hi Phil,

            I read your story re reasons for hating Manly and having not followed your editorial/journalism at all I am not sure if you are remotely serious or not. It seems that your story actually supports my opinion which is "Many peple now like Manly, and do not hate them" You ask a retoricle question "How many people do you know whose second team is Manly? Zero?" and answer with your own answer without any basis of reference (did you ask the guy in the next cubical?. In fact many, many people are liking Manly these days; they like Des, they like their philospohy of Manly betting on up and comers (aka Cherry Evans, Foran) they like their style of play, they like how they win etc, etc.

            Many youngsters are also liking Manly, something that maybe lost to someone who is older and out of touch (not sure if you are or not, as I said I am not aware of you/your work). Many people I come across in pubs, work etc are also stating they like Manly. I will admit a few ol' timers come up with that old hatred stuff, and it's all a bit of fun. But it's really old.....if you look through your points in your article you are trying to sell the hatred of Manly with most points dating back to the 1980's. Not sure about how you operate; but most people are living in the here and now; and they conclude there are few, if any, reasons to hate Manly in the recent years so the need for hatred is not there (although some will cite the brawl...and possibly fair enough for some).

            So this angle in your story I believe is just a 'beat up' and your opinion will only be welcomed by the old and those loud few whom have joined the bandwagon without any real basis (or real hate for that matter!).

            I hope that the position of editor is used a touch more wisely and worldly than i have seen this morning; I nearly choked on my cornflakes when I read that 7 of your 9 points (you missed point 9 incidently!) are reasons from 30 years ago. And hence I think that very fact alone shows there is very little reason to Hate Manly these days.


            Jason D

            My posted comments in reply to your article;

            Holy Moly! Phil you point the finger at Manly being whingers, but take a step back and have a read of this 'column' you have written; this is the very essence of whinging.

            And in response to your points;

            1. Grudge matches between Silvertails and Fibros started in 1978 when Les Boyd was still at Wests, not because they signed Les. Also, Manly is now the least financial affluent club. Times have changed. Move along.
            2. Fair point, could be a basis for hate....for some. Meh...maybe not
            3. Most clubs were signing big players from other clubs....
            4. Fair point.....those times are long gone though.
            5. What? Are you serious?
            6. Oh yeah great point...after 33 years a third party still causes many Sydney people to hate Manly.
            7. Two key signing are all it takes to win a premiership? Phil please refer to me opening paragraph. Rightio.
            8. Can someone please interpret this Rant for me? Sense does not seem to be present.
            9. Phil, you forgot point 9. Perhaps in here you could include something that occurred in the last 30 years
            10. Who the hell cares? And are you oblivious to the other clubs internal politics?

            hmm, lets see, will this post past the screen? I will be impressed if it does
          • Garts

            Garts Well-Known Member

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            You have too much time on your hand Jado. Who cares.
          • eagle-rock08

            eagle-rock08 Active Member

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            I loved it.

            Great trip dowm memory lane.

            Everyone hates us and we dont care.
          • DUFFMAN

            DUFFMAN Well-Known Member

            +569 /8

            Love it.

            A South supporter at work today said you Manly blokes love it don't you

            Said yeah its great

            He goes don't know why but Manly and their supporters seem to love being the most hated club..... and it seems to drive you to succeed.
            I am only going for you because the other 3 teams are super league teams but it breaks my heart to be going for Manly.
          • fLIP

            fLIP UFO Hunter

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            Nice response jado.
          • Michael D

            Michael D New Member

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            A classic tabloid beat up. Gets us indignant and the opposition riled up. That is what the Tele want - let 'em have it.

            I do take issue with his rubbish about the Northern Eagles. The biggest reason that went belly up was the hopeless bankrupt management of the Bears and the useless, unsupportive Central Coast Leagues people and Gosford Council's opposition. If they has united with Manly they would've been succesful. They undermined the joint venture, Manly cut them loose and we won a premiership in 2008 - suck on that boys.
          • DSM5

            DSM5 Well-Known Member

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            I would have thought there were more serious reasons to hate us (envy). They all sound rather spurious....and soft. I think the hate's just irrational, except those who were formerly Bears fans. I don't care really, and would rather it existed as it always makes for a closer bond amongst us fans...and maybe players. (An aside, I took a Wests fan to an evening match at Brookvale a few months ago and after the game, when looking at the kids playing on the ground, he was hooked. He said it was a magical moment and immediately bought a scarf, and is now a fan)..

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