Team you're backing now Manly are out.


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Yeah my boys been a big Chelsea fan for years. Not as into NHL but we e spent a bit of time in Denver so them and the Nuggets are his team there.

Yeah mate, I'm kinda a Denver / Colorado fan, so it's :

Mammoth, Avalanche, Broncos, Rapids, Eagles, fan.


New Zealand and the Knights of the teams left, hope the Raiders get robbed in a game and eliminated, both for the Ricky dummy spit and because someone I dislike intensely is a Raiders supporter


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I don't pretend that I like people, places or things I don't.

I'll never pretend to support another football club for a week or two.

I will watch the finals because I love the sport.

I'll enjoy watching clubs I despise get knocked out each week.


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The Warriors are my 2nd team but Friday night’s game just left a sour taste in my mouth so **** em.

I can’t believe a few people here said the Knights. Those drug cheating pricks can burn they’re the last team I’d want getting anywhere near the premiership. **** em.

There’s not much point cheering on any team in the 8 (not that I would I can’t stand any of them) because it’ll be another Panthers victory unless the Broncos can get them on the day.


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You can't just look at the teams remaining and evaluate them based on playing style, character, what would be good for the game, society, which jumper is more aesthetically pleasing, who has the sexiest eyes, and decide to invest a little in that side for the finals just to make it interesting.

It's not cheating I won't tell Jake, (and I'm not even going near what Bozo just posted). It's like Manly is a dying spouse in the nursing home after a sixty year marriage saying play around with Daphne down the hall dear, you'll see me in heaven shortly it means nothing, I don't want your time in this mortal realm to be wasted grieving me.
Thats my dilemma I won't settle, I'm not going to play around with Daphne if she is more a Daffy and not better than Mrs Palmer.

The dilemma continues, I evaluated the playing styles but I ain't fussed on the characters ,the jumper I find most appealing is missing and the one than comes close doesn't have any sexy eyes wearing it.
And what would be good for the game and society would most likely not be good for a Manly fan.
So I'll stick to the dying spouse, spending those last moments with her a whole lot more enjoyable than getting into bed with the bush pig down the road.
But won't stop enjoying the game as it's played


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For starters I'm just hoping that the vermin, scumatta and rorters miss out then I'll be glad. Obviously no to Storm, Broncos, Penrith. Next no is Sharks and Knights too much hatred for those 2. Raiders can't stand Stuart. Cows well they're Queensland so no thanks. That just leaves Warriors but they're kiwis so it looks like a no from me for all of them..


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Like others have said Blacktown plus keeping an eye on Penrith Brothers in the Sydney Shield who have a feint link through the Blacktown Workers. They are in the Final next week and if they win go through to the GF. A couple of Manly juniors who played for Blacktown on Friday have been playing for Brothers in the Massey Cup.

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Penrith have been the best side. Happy for them to make history at win 3 in a row.
Agree… they cop a lot of flack about being arrogant (imo partially through some dumb actions and partially from just continually winning)… but I just enjoy watching their style of play…

They grind, they have flair, they out-compete and they overcome adversity… even their middle-of-the-road players and their “weak-gutted-dogs” consistently play mistake-free footy and come up with the right options at the right time…

For a team that has lost players like Capewell, Burton, Kikau, API and supplies so many players to SOO (and also having had their best players injured at different times) to be on top of the table with only 5 losses (none of which were by more than 4 points) is just ridiculous…

Worthy winners if they can get the 3-peat imo…

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And I think he's way past his best. Oates, not Tom. (well, I hope not Tom)
Broncs have cap issues anyway, after Haas signed on to his monster deal. He wont be the last, Broncs are a bit like Penrith, they have a big pool of jnrs to choose from who are all keen to play for the Broncs, and most on modest sign on money.

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