Team you're backing now Manly are out.

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Golden Greek

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To be honest it looks like a Penrith v Broncos GF dont like either team but it looks like a Penrith win. But I would like the warriors to win but cant see it happening


I can't bring myself to cheer the Knights because 97' still burns me. I think the Warriors are no chance of actually winning the premiership but I like their brand of footy and will cheer them on against all comers.

I'll be satisfied as long as Souths and the Roosters don't lift the trophy and thankfully that's looking unlikely for both sides.

Cliffy's Jockstrap

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I don't suppose I mind too much, I will just be hoping for a good finals series. It would be nice if the Warriors won because that would be great for AFB and Walker. Similarly if the Broncs won I'd be happy for Marty, and if the Cowboys were to win - the least likely - that would be a great thing for Peta Hiku. So it's all about who has got the faithful servants of Manly, with the additional notes that it is not allowed to be Parramatta or Souths (obviously).


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Unfortunately Newcastle are playing some nice footy at the moment, really good to watch. Don't want Brisbane anywhere near the GF..!


Panthers: I don't mind, will shut up the Roosters fans about two in a row.
Warriors: Would be great for the game
Sharks: I have a feeling are timing it right and will win it.

Raiders: I don't care either way.
Cowboys: I don't care either way

Brisbane: Because everything is geared towards them to succeed.
Storm: Because of the cheating and they are our emery.
Knights: Never forget the 1997 grand final.
Souths: Media darlings and seem similar to Brisbane by getting handed everything
Rooster: Love to see miss the 8, We know players don't sign there at 60% of what is offered elsewhere.


Would love to see the Warriors lift their maiden trophy but realise it’s unlikely.

Will he cheering Manly & Warriors for last 2 rounds of season & the Warriors in the finals series.


Just a Man and his Eagle
I just love watching Kayln Ponga and Dom Young and if the knights were silly enough to let Crossland go with Brailey back next season I'd hope the Eagles would swoop. Loved watching them stir Souths up so much trelly mit just gave himself a stint on the sidelines so I think I'll be cheering for them and the wahs, really don't want to see Penriff win so Broncos are my likely team, they're playing beautiful nineties style what looks like (I know it's not) unstructured footy and I never thought I'd say it but as a rugby league lover I have to it's ducking beautiful.

What about the rest of you.

Oh and in light of what's gone on here in the last 24hrs, if you're going to say 'who cares Manly aren't involved I'll watch the supercars' or some other pessimistic crap, give yourself an uppercut and save yourself the digital ink, no-one cares or thinks that's cool, you won't get sent a badge by anyone monitoring this site for being the most hard core manly fan ever to manly.
Sorry TE of you think this is pessimist crap but I can't back any team outright other than Manly.

I will watch the finals, probably enjoy the games and will lean to one team more than the other most likely will be the underdog or one playing genuine footy, but backing any outright no thanks.


Journey Man
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Blacktown Eagles are our only Proud Hope for the finals now

How could we ever back any one else but Manly
Every one else are the those that are against us and play to beat us
Every one else is the Enemy

Only Whores sleep with the Enemy not Eagles



Let’s all have a chew!
He's obviously got good taste too, then mate !

Chelsea have a shot of winning the whole thing I reckon..AVS are Stanley Cup favorites. Owners like Todd Boehley and Stan Kroenke, mate, I'm so spoiled.
Yeah my boys been a big Chelsea fan for years. Not as into NHL but we e spent a bit of time in Denver so them and the Nuggets are his team there.
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First and foremost I'll definitely be supporting BWSE.

Even though it was 26 years ago, after that GF there's no way I can support the Knights.

I'll be cheering for the other beaches team, the Sharkies. Would also be happy for the Warriors but for various reasons I don't really care about the others.
Sorry TE of you think this is pessimist crap but I can't back any team outright other than Manly.

I will watch the finals, probably enjoy the games and will lean to one team more than the other most likely will be the underdog or one playing genuine footy, but backing any outright no thanks.
You can't just look at the teams remaining and evaluate them based on playing style, character, what would be good for the game, society, which jumper is more aesthetically pleasing, who has the sexiest eyes, and decide to invest a little in that side for the finals just to make it interesting.

It's not cheating I won't tell Jake, (and I'm not even going near what Bozo just posted). It's like Manly is a dying spouse in the nursing home after a sixty year marriage saying play around with Daphne down the hall dear, you'll see me in heaven shortly it means nothing, I don't want your time in this mortal realm to be wasted grieving me.

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