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I dont like Denis Fitgerald. Arrogant and contemptuous. But credit to their club management is due when you look at the depth of the Parramatta (25) squad :

Luke Burt
Aaron Cannings
Nathan Cayless
Ashley Graham
Eric Grothe
Nathan Hindmarsh
PJ Marsh
Wade Mckinnon
Fui Fui Moi Moi
John Morris
Glenn Morrison
Brendan Oake
Adam Peek
Henry Perenara
Matt Petersen
Mark Riddell
Chad Robinson
Ben Smith
Tim Smith
Paul Stringer
Timana Tahu
Justin Tsoulos
Michael Vella
Daniel Wagon
Dean Widders

Considering they are the team we love to hate & Fitzgerald is a w@nker and they shafted us outta the finals this year, why wouldnt we want to repay the favour in the 2 rounds (8 & 21) next year. Id like to look back on season 06 with 2 dominant wins over this outfit.


No matter how good their squad looks they still won't win the comp next year because they are chokers of the highest order.


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They've beaten Manly in all grades 2 years in a row.

Except for PL semi in 2004

It really ****s me when the club can't step up for such an important game for all the supporters!


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I wouldn't say credit to their club management ... the credit should go to person who recruited them to Parra in the first place - when they were Juniors!


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We can only hope Crush does the same for us. We notice our Jersey Flegg side is still getting pumped!


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I would think that was a fair amount of time to establish a player base. But keep in mind in todays modern era - dollars plays a huge part. To be able to compete with competitors, we have to be financially sound. Attracting/signing players to the club is one thing, keeping them is another story. Some of the juniors that have arrived around the same time as Brooke are now progressing as they get older. So the majority of this years Flegg is made up of last years Ball, who were very successful. I think it looks good - we are on the right road. We have a good, sound senior squad to work with, which makes the top two sides look promising.


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He'll play the nine weeks with Ball and then move up to Flegg with probably, Knoxy, Daniel Harrison and a couple of others. I'm really looking forward to kick off! They are all another year wiser, and with some new ones in there - it should be a cracker!! :)


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Oh, so he'll be in the spotlight.

*Byso makes mental note, to give Brooke 10/10 for each game*

btw what possition does he play?


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I know ... I'm dreading it! As long as he gives it his all, I will be proud. He plays in the second row mostly, but has shifted to front row and lock. Oh by the way .... don't worry about the 10/10 ... heaps of photo's would be good though ;)


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Of cause. That can be done!

Never mind though, he wont cop the wrath of Mata until he gets in the NRL squad on fox :)

Jatz Crackers

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I wouldn't say credit to their club management ... the credit should go to person who recruited them to Parra in the first place - when they were Juniors!

Yep Kiwigirl. I had included the Recruitment Manager (some credit to Noel Cleal im sure) in my description of "Club Management".

I posted earlier in another thread the suggestion of this site placing more articles/player profiles/ etc on the lower grades. Whilst we may not be there just yet, I feel the lower grades give us cause for confidence and putting up more info about them and their progress is a real motivator for fans. I have little doubt about that.

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