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Take Ownership

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Harmless27, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Harmless27

    Harmless27 Well-Known Member

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    Have any of you ever been surrounded by a negative environment at work?  Ever had a boss who came to your performance review and just DUMPED on you all the time, even if you are at 80% of all your targets?

    How did it make you feel? Did it help you, and inspire you to lift your performance? 

    What do people hope to achieve by BAGGING out their team regularly when their performance isn't 100%?  Do you think you are contributing to the cause?  Are you helping to inspire your team?  Do you magically expect that your negative vibes are going to change our form? 
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    If u really think that teh players take all this in and it effects their game...you r crazy.

    Its a fact that the likes of Whatmaough, Stewart, T Rex, Hodkinson are, and have been for a while, well below par...Our kick chase is hopeless. We have no direction...except sideways

    With a top 4 spot up for grabs I would have expected a much better perfomance last night if they couldnt get up for that and make a game of it they wont get up for much.....IMHO
  3. Harmless27

    Harmless27 Well-Known Member

    +451 /15
    WHther they take it to heart or not is NOT the question - the question is around what are you hoping to achieve by bagging the team on this forum all the time?  What do you think you are adding?

    Why not focus on some of the positives from the game (George Rose improving, Glenn Stewart's ball playing, Roberston doing a STERLING job at the back, Oldfield being solid on debut).

    There is a place for constructive criticism - not for plain old bagging.  And by contrusctive, i don't mean "SACK DES".
  4. Bradza

    Bradza Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Dear Harmless27 - look up the word cathartic. Or in simpler terms, "better out than in".

    If we're talking about taking ownership, I hope that the team is taking ownership of their defensive shortfalls which are all controllable as opposed to what the refs do which is not.
  5. mr seagles

    mr seagles Active Member

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    it has been going on since round 1 they should not have lost those two games at the beginning of the comp IF they were going to be a force this year...these blokes get paid to win games and do it for a living but to me it looks like they are on the end of the year trip already....t rex is not interested he is a CAT....he has one good run and than sits on the wing..he did not take one hit up to give the forwards a break....choc and stewart drops the ball to much...king gives away penaltys...hodko is a lock not half ....foran is still learning first grade....and the bench are very ordinary at best....it is rebuild time with some of the young guys coming though....no top 8 this year i cant see us beating warriors or roosters maybe just maybe the bulldogs...
  6. The Who

    The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +7,247 /173
    I'm positive we'll beat The Warriors this Saturday. Frankly, while I think Hodkinson and Bailey need to be dropped and T-Rex put on the bench, we played better than I had expected against Illawarra. Robbo, Oldfield, Matai, Foran, King, Kite and Ballin played very well imo. Lyon, Choc and Gift were below their best.
    Had the bounce of the ball, and some terrible refereeing decisions gone our way then we possibly could have won.
    At the start of the comp most of us thought we'd come 5th to 8th, and that is how the season is looking. So we expected it; why the shock now?
    I do, however, believe that we lack creativity. I was pleased to see the short restarts, which regain possession two-thirds of the time. More of that please.
    But where are the moves from the scrum? Why do we have a second rower playing 5/8 from many scrums, and dying with the ball? Where is the kick from the scrum? Jamie Lyon can produce the extraordinary, but no one else seems to be able. Teams such as Easts, Titans, Tigers and Storm chance their luck and put on moves. As a result they score many long-range tries. I think we are too structured.
    I am hoping DCE will be given a chance this week. To me, he brings a confidence to try to make things happen. While I'm sure we'll beat The Warriors, I am also sure that if we stick to the same side, and same tactics, that we'll not be serious contenders this year.
  7. codewana

    codewana Active Member

    +58 /0
    Harmless, you seem pretty new to the forums (27 posts). I'm not sure whether you ever posted at MWSE, but its fairly normal for us fans to have a dig at the players who we felt under-performed. If the players read this (which there is no evidence of) I'm sure people would tone it down a little. Either way, being a free country and knowing Dan's stance about our freedom to post what we like, we will continue to post as we see fit.

    Now, if you don't like reading the negativity after a loss, may I suggest you don't log on after a performance like last night?

    Please don't take what I'm saying the wrong way - I'm not trying to be a jerk, just explaining how the world works and how it will continue to function!
  8. abnc

    abnc Member

    +2 /0
    I've seen you post dribble like this in almost every post today. Your well on your way to 50 smites. It's ok to be disappointed after a loss, but that doesn't mean you can talk crap...
  9. Harmless27

    Harmless27 Well-Known Member

    +451 /15
    Barry Hyland - well put mate.

    Constructive, realistic, and quality.  I agree with everything you wrote. 

    As for me being new - i have been a regular visitor of this site for over 3 years - I have been a Manly supporter since moving to this country in 1992, and i was inspired to post more after Mark posted his shout-out around a month ago.
  10. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

    +215 /5
    "We lost. Oh Bother.

    We love all the players and think they are great. In fact we love them so much we don't care whether we win or lose. I loved the years before 2005 because we had a team, even though they were hopeless. Thrashings and disappointments are nothing to me because I live in a positive environment. "

    For crying out loud!!! I am not one of the glass half empty people and and in fact I predicted the loss last night.

    However, to have some passion and be disappointed in a loss is part of supporting a team. Each to his own. The same characters on this blog that are criticising the team and players are the same ones who next week will be celebrating our great win and talking up our premiership chances.

    Don't take it too seriously, unless you are part of the True Supporters faction!!!! :)
  11. abnc

    abnc Member

    +2 /0
    CW, that's all good and well, and i can tell you i wanted to throw the TV out the window after the game last night. But there is no use bagging out the whole team since round 1. I'll remind you what mr seagles said:
    It's as if we haven't won a game this year. Come on, seriously, we have a shot at coming top 4 still if we win every remaining game (possible) and with 2 wins could come 5th or 6th. It's not the end of the world. It was a bad game for us, **** happens. We are still in with a chance of going a long way this year.
  12. ads

    ads Well-Known Member

    +29 /1
    This is another topic for the 'True Supporters' sub forum that we need to keep this stuff out of the topic for people who want sensible discussion.

    The very premise that the environment on this supporters site affects the players is a joke.
  13. Garts

    Garts Well-Known Member

    +843 /25
    No issue with the fans carrying on, even though I might not agree with all the comments.  The fans do not impact on the players by doing this on a forum.  Obviously Des does not berate the players like we do, if he was that would not be good for morale. 
  14. bob dylan

    bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +6,440 /192
    I love the footy season and its coming to an end.

    I love winning and hate the loses, accepting them as they come.

    A close relative, a tigers supporter said Sunday night "geez I feel good after a tigers win". She has been crook and to hear that made me realise what it is to support your team.

    I for one love reading people thoughts, both positive and negative.

    I say rip in after a loss and enjoy the wins with that warm "I am just the cats arse" grin
  15. vidmar

    vidmar Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +278 /0
    Couldn't help but try to read/sing that post to the "Times they are a changing"...lol first bit worked but then it was a bit contrived.

    Good post and reflects (I think) the way many of us feel after a win or loss

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