Tactics against Manly


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If you coached a side playing against Manly.
What weaknesses would you target?
And what game plan would you use?


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Last year i would be kicking the ball deep and getting stewy to run it back but now i would put the ball into touch, our scrum plays have been week and obvious.

Field position is what we are thriving on this year - expect a lot of up the middle stuff. Send out a charger if we are running one up. If randall is dummy half expect the blind side, cut him down early. He will waste 2 - 3 tackles and get 10m max till he gives up. Create space out wide. In other words have the team in tight bar the centre and winger. Neither centre/wing combo has defended well when there is plenty of room. Get plenty of players in on Wattmough. He will run the long way round to make his metres, he doesnt care and will not stop or tire. very very fit this year. Rush up in defence on the last. Monas and witt are struggling to kick well when under pressure especially early. Could be slow ball from the hooker.


Winging it
The weakness we displayed last week was in the pack. We were just monstered by Ryles and Bailey and any team that can do a repeat will beat us. This is in stark contrast to the previous 3 games where this has been our strength, snuffing out any opposition momentum in the forwards. So who knows how we will go from here on.

Our biggest weakness is out wide and they just don't seem to penetrate. When we dominate in the forwards the tries have come from the back row and halves.

If coach I would put the biggest hitters on to attempt to pulverise the Manly pack, bring on a smart dummy half running hooker or back rower and quickly play the ball back and aim for chip kicks just behind the pack and Monas, collect it and throw it wide. Our centres aren't scrambling well and it would kill us.

For Canberra it will be won again in the centre of the park. They grind away and have wily players like Woolford and Croker who know the tricks. The exciting line ups to look forward to will be Schifkofske vs. Stewart, Mogg vs Steppa, Graham (try scoring wiz) vs Duck, Smith vs Witt, and all importantly Nathan Smith & Thompson vs Kite & Hecks, along with Croker vs BK.

I think this is a very even contest and it could go either way. Home town advantage does matter and that could be the difference.
if you look at the first three games defence was very sound.
as an apposing coach i would be hoping they play like last week,but in saying that im not an opposing coach and i dont think they will play like last week. should be a close match.

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