Sydney's highest rating


Journey Man
Sydney's highest rating

I note in today's SMH that Manly is the 2nd highest rating club in sydney when it comes to free to air coverage on Ch 9 - behind Souths.

Bugger me! why do we get treated so shoddily then?


Kim Jong Dan
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Sydney's highest rating

We dont that is why we get the Friday night games.

Fact is Brookie is a hard ground to commute to.


Journey Man
Sydney's highest rating

[quote author=Matabele]
- behind Souths.


I thought that parra had the highest pulling power when it comes to ch9?

eels have slipped badly......


Sydney's highest rating

it also reflect on everyone wanting to watch manly get beaten not just manly fans, and i have no dramas with that!!


Journey Man
Sydney's highest rating

Actually they were also saying that Gen Y had no memory of the silvertail days and that Manly is "cool"!


Journey Man
Sydney's highest rating

Like Melbourne five years ago, there are signs Canberra's young team is building some acceptance with viewers, with the Raiders probably being in a better position than the Eels (12th) and Bulldogs (13th). Because the research was only commissioned this year, it is not possible to discern trends but both clubs could be in long-term decline in TV land.

The Bulldogs' siege mentality has made them appear so distant from the public, they may as well be in a witness protection program.

Parramatta's top management is unchanged in a quarter of a century, and now makes ex cathedra statements on the state of the game, including advice on skin cancer. Yet there was plenty of emotion at Parramatta last week, when fans threw coins at Manly players.

A few years back, it was Manly who threw money at a problem, buying other clubs' star players and relishing their status as Sydney's most hated club. They were watched then because everyone's second team was the one playing Manly.

Today, they are No. 2 in Sydney and eighth overall, a standing which shocks Crawley. "I'm surprised they are so strong in Sydney," he said of a club whose colours should now be shrinking violet. "Unfortunately for me, I'm older and can remember when we hated them. At the moment, they're too damn nice to be the blockbusters of old.

Their coach is a good bloke and their players are low-key. Unfortunately, there are a lot of young people out there who don't remember when we hated them."

But isn't that the key? Having young fans in love with today's heroes and old fans who remember?

1. South Sydney

2. Melbourne

3. Brisbane

4. Wests Tigers

5. St George Illawarra

6. North Queensland

7. Gold Coast

8. Manly

9. Cronulla

10. Newcastle

11. Sydney Roosters

12. Parramatta

13. Bulldogs

14. Penrith

15. New Zealand Warriors

16. Canberra
* Includes free-to-air games in Sydney and Brisbane, and pay TV Saturday and Monday.

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