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Kicks off tonight. Trial form as mixed as teams settled on their best combinations.

Waratahs are pumping themselves up once again as a top chance but their inside backs look ordinary - though I did watch them put the cleaners through the Crusaders two weeks ago.

Brumbies, Blues and Crusaders all have had modest trial form but should be there when it comes to money time. Who will be the fourth team in the semis is the big question for mine - can the Seth Efricans get a win away from home - will the Waratahs or Reds play consistently?

My pick - one of the Kiwi teams!! Probably Auckland?
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Any footy is better than no footy. I enjoy the Super 12 and have left the missus to go to the movie with a friend so that me and Mr Hahn can sit in the staff room and watch the Tahs tonight!!!
Journey Man
The waratahs are a bloody joke and their symbol is very appropriate.

Here's a trivia question.

What is the only head to head combination of teams in the Super 12 where one team has failed to record a victory over the other in the 9 seasons that it has existed?
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Yeah and it takes a Qlder in NSW to ask it. For your info Mr Gloater the first QLD wins were in Super 10 so you are wrong!!!!!!

Hope you eat humble pie!!
Journey Man
Hey CW. The Super 12 began in 1996. I believe you would find that it has been held 9 times in total. I'm glad you teach English and not Maths.

The Super 6 became the Super 10 (which Queensland won twice to NSW zero).
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Never let history or facts spoil a good story!!!!! English is very much interpretation and analysis rather than accuracy or truth. If I wanted something exact I would have been a Science teacher so i could look at Evolutionary theories. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Qld had a couple of lucky wins back in the days before the Brumbies - and Qld won the 10, as you suggest! NSW players (mainly with the Brumbies) do well for Aust in World Cup years.
Journey Man
Who cares. As long as we beat NSW I don't care if we come last.

Speaking of Super 12 though, I might be off to go and watch the Waratahs choke to the Chiefs.

If they can't beat the Chiefs they're not going anywhere this year!

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