String Theory 2

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Kim Jong Dan
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Well I was having a good conversation about string theory yesterday and found it amazingly stimulating for my mind.

So I figure, lets continue this conversation.

For those not understanding String theory too much heres a string theory site that may help

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Do you think this will lead us to unification?
they can always go play with playdo or something more suited to their intellects :D
A great thread i found on string theory

It is against the philosophy of string theory to imagine that the
worldsheet is "made of" individual worldlines. This would mean that on the
two-dimensional worldsheet, there is a preferred direction of time at each
point - this direction would describe the direction of the worldline of
the point-like particle.

On the worldsheet of a string, all directions are treated democratically.
In fact, the two-dimensional theory that describes the internal dynamics
of the worldsheet has a much bigger group of symmetries: the general
diffeomorphism symmetry: this theory is a two-dimensional counterpart of
general relativity and implies that all "reference frames" are equally
good in formulating the physical laws. Any extra structure of lines (or
choice of coordinates) that you imagine on the worldsheet is unphysical.

If we look at a particular point P of the string at time t_2, it is not
possible to say where this point of the string was at time t_1. In fact,
this feature helps string theory to regulate short-distance divergences
because it is also impossible to say exactly at which point of the stringy
worldsheet (imagine the pants diagram) the interaction occured.

The string worldsheet has another symmetry - the Weyl symmetry that allows
one to multiply the worldsheet metric by an arbitrary scalar function of
the worldsheet coordinates. This symmetry, together with the
diffeomorphism symmetry, forms "conformal symmetry" - and therefore the
two-dimensional theory describing the worldsheet is a "conformal field
theory", a theory whose local dynamics only depends on the angles, not the
distances. The Weyl symmetry guarantees that the string carries no
information about its "density" of particles - it only matters which curve
(or worldsheet) it spans in spacetime, but it does not matter how you
parameterize the string or the worldsheet.

All these things mean that you should be very careful when you try to
imagine the string as a family of point-like particles. Despite all these
facts, we can often encounter situations in string theory that allow us to
describe the string as a composite of point-like particles called the
"string bits". String bits can be identified in Matrix string theory or
the PP-wave limit of AdS/CFT correspondence.

There are other extended objects in string theory - such as D-branes - and
the discussion would have to be changed a bit for them. For example, they
are not invariant under conformal symmetry, and on the other hand, a
D-brane of dimension "p" can be usefully imagined as a bound state of
D-branes of smaller dimensionalities p-2k.
Next thing Fluffy you'll be a programmer too
Hmm... string theory seems rather interesting... I wonder if it ultimately takes into account chaos theory, post modernism, shroedinger's cat (did I spell that right?) and Dirk Gently....
Well actually Zap i can program in some software. But most of it is for solving mathamatical problems using matlab, fortran, C++ and Maple. Not quite the programming your thinking of but it is programming none the less.
Chaos theory is complete BS.

And Fluffy, what exactly do you do by "solving the mathematical equations" are you a game designer or something?

I can program in VB, C sharp and C ++, once you learn one langauge its all relative
no, not that sort of thing but engineering solutions, basically repetitive complicated mathematical equations.
oh i get you.

Screw that. i prefer simply to work around parts i dont understand by piecing together with what i do understand
lol, doesnt work for me unfortunatly. I have to design things that wont fail cause if they do its my head in the chopping block.

Good news is i get to spend lots of money.

circa $1 million a year

Well in programming general programs you tend to figure things out by just splitting it into smaller parts.

before you know it you solve that little bastard of a problem you couldnt get around.

Kind of like unification.

I believe string theory could be solved quicker, not by trying to go directly to the base but instead trying to look at each part seperately.

TWe have used calculous etc to map how starts, the sun etc move

But I have yet to see the mathematical equation for how a human moves, breathes, or does much.
I do know the fundamentals of programming and can indeed program at a basic level in that way, just never have had a need to do any of it.

But thats why your the programmer and im the engineer.

as for string theory we could also solve it easier using basic KT methods of PA, PPA, SA and tool such as wishbone charts. But easier isnt easy still.

We're all individuals!!!!
So it's a bit tough to find mathematical equations for human beings...
You're getting very much into Douglas Adams here... if only he were alive to solve the whole thing, eh?
And chaos theory is great... brilliant. Something you can't explain? Chaos theory!

I guess you guys are looking at it in a logical perspective.

I'm not... I guess I'm more the analogous thinking. However, one must understand that humans are not logical creatures.
However what is the idea of string theory?


How can you have unification if you cant explain humans, or even their movement.

I suggest you start explaining the things you cans ee and know about before trying to tackle something we do not know about
Ok... have you read The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency?

For some odd reason it takes all the time travel stuff, a close approximation of string theory and a little chaos and comes out with a fabbo story...

Ok, maybe not pertinent to the discussion but still worthwhile mentioning.

Well, you can't explain humans... so therefore you can't have unification... so string theory is a theory. A nice one but still a theory.

And totally incomprehensible when taking into account chaos and post-modernism.
I couldnt really get into any of Adams other books, just hithikers.

I think you can explain humans, we arent talking about explaining the mental capacity, volume or structure of anyone. Unification does not aim at the emotional. It is an attempt to unify an explanation of the universe and everything in it on a structural level via mathematics.

Explaining a human on the emotional level will be a very difficult thing to completely achieve.

But I think you were thinking of the explantion of an emotional creature as compared to the movement or structure there of.

Through unification you should be able to predict certain movements, the chemistry and make up of all things in the universe

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