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Strange Story

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Loobs, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Loobs

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    WHEN Penrith hooker Api Koroisau first signed with Manly, he thought Trent Barrett would be head coach — not Geoff Toovey.

    Toovey has done his best to keep the Sea Eagles’ finals hopes alive — they were chasing their third straight win in Monday night’s match against the Cowboys — but it has become the game’s saddest and worst-kept secret that he will make way for Barrett next year.

    As Penrith assistant coach Barrett was being given leave by the club after news of his new role emerged, Koroisau and fellow Panthers forward Lewis Brown were also lured to Manly.

    But Koroisau and Brown said Barrett had nothing to do with the move.

    As for who he thought he would be playing under at Manly, Koroisau said: “I thought he (Barrett) was going to be when everything took off.

    “We’ll have to see what happens, especially now with Toovey getting a couple of wins under his belt.

    “I didn’t have any thoughts about leaving here until they approached me. I love the competition and fighting for this (No. 9) position. But the opportunity came up and I had to take it with both hands.

    “I haven’t been in contact with ‘Baz’. I haven’t seen him in a while. Hopefully he is there next year.

    “I rate him highly as a coach, and hopefully he’s there as well. He’s very smart, and for the little time I’ve had here with him, he knows what he’s talking about.”

    Koroisau has had some of the best mentors in the game, including fellow No. 9s Issac Luke and James Segeyaro.

    He rated both for their toughness, and Segeyaro for his on-field talk. Segeyaro is the player who has limited Koroisau’s game time at Penrith.

    “Hopefully in a couple of years I can cement my spot at Manly,’’ Koroisau said.

    “With a three-year deal, there’s the stability, and I’m looking forward to that.”

    Brown was off contract and happy to join Manly, but said his dealings had been with Manly officials, not Barrett.

    “I didn’t deal directly with ‘Baz’,’’ Brown said.

    “I’ve heard the rumours about (him being coach), but that’s their business and I’ll play for whoever is my coach at Manly.”

    Pressed on whether Barrett enticed him to Manly, Brown said: “Not at all. I spoke with my manager, and we dealt directly with the Manly club and their CEO. I didn’t speak with Baz at all.’’

    Manly have also recruited Nate Myles and Darcy Lussick, but Koroisau is sure to pile the pressure on senior rake Matt Ballin.
    So Brown and Lussick are done? Why no announcement. Brown at least is talking as though he's done and dusted.

    Also thought this was interesting:

    “Hopefully in a couple of years I can cement my spot at Manly,’’ Koroisau said.

    Mate, watch Hodges - you're a shoe in for at least a spot above him.

    Sounds like Barrett has Dalai like abilities...
  2. Lil_wayne

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    Why don't you tweet the mole?
  3. bones

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    Rebecca Wilson is not on Twitter.
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      Ahh, so looking forward to 2016.

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