Post-Game Discussion Storm v Manly [Round 17, 2023]

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Sea Eagles
24 AAMI Park
24 Jun 2023 19:35
80:00 minute

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Thank f* ck Seibs saw sense and played Garrick at FB… would have been 50 with Weekes back there…

Thought Harper had a reasonable game and I reckon Koula is borderline first grade atm… don’t know what has happened to the kid but he is half the player he was pre-jerseygate
Got a feeling his legs not 100%, hope I'm wrong tho


Let’s all have a chew!
Not as dissapointed tonight as other losses that’s for sure. A Few overreactions tonight out here in anger country, but emotions are high. Pretty well chalked this as a loss from the start. Rest up boys as Easts is a must win now.


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Tuipulotu still a better wing choice than Vaega. Vaega is slow. Tuipulotu's biggest liability is when he jams in, which can be coached out of his game - but Vaega looks very slow.

Garrick was good

DCE was outstanding in first half but whenever he plays that well he almost never replicates it throughout the second half and thats where we started getting exposed - Melbourne were still getting plenty of metres even when we had possession in the first 20

Too many errors from the squad, Schuster was again terrible. He had a podcast a few days ago where he said that he didnt really listen to coaches. He needs to, because hes going to plateau and produce some absolute sludge like he did tonight if he just plays the way he wants and doesnt learn from anyone else.

Why was Samuela Fainu not playing?
Hopefully Fainu is injured , NSW Cup will be telling tomorrow


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Two tries in our last two games. Our attack and our defence are on fire

Wyllie Eagle

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We are paying serious overs for Schuster on present form. Rarely takes it to the line with pace, drawing defenders and putting his body on the line. Just shuffles along doing no look passes. Commitment in defence is abysmal and his kicking game is poor. If DCE and Garrick happen to suffer long-term injuries we're spoon-bound

blacktown eagle

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Let's hope they tear us apart now, so Siebold can't sugar coat all the crap.

Consider this, we have lost Fifita, Tuitavake, Fainu and now Meyers to keep these absolute dog **** players together.

Just saw Flanagan in the coaches box doing Dragons YARTS with his pen and paper hahaha
Is meyers confirmed mate?


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Error after error, poor defense and 24 unanswered points. Not surprised by the performance because they dish it up most weeks. Harper had a real dig and good on him. Schuster was complete rubbish. For all his potential, I’m getting fed up with these poor efforts.
Agree. Schuster is a shyster. Ive seen nothing at all from him this year. He does nothing to benefit the team. He’s a myth. Koula is also having a very poor season. He needs to be dropped and Harper given another crack. This team overall looks bog average. Nothing threatening about us at all. We might win a few here and there but the idea of us winning a premiership is LIGHTYEARS off into the distance. This is already the worst period of supportibg manly I’ve ever experienced in 50 years and there’s no end in sight. I’ll keep supporting forever but this is SERIOUSLY depressing. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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Not as dissapointed tonight as other losses that’s for sure. A Few overreactions tonight out here in anger country, but emotions are high. Pretty well chalked this as a loss from the start. Rest up boys as Easts is a must win now.
Let’s hope more blokes show up to play the rorters then this time last year!
Pezet outplayed Schu….

Let that sink in. We have been waiting forever for Schu to deliver and meanwhile, kids like this, step up and do a job that Schu can’t. Seriously!
That's because melbourne picks players that can listen to what the coaches teach them and then execute on it

Whereas Schuster admits that he "doesn't really listen" to coaches


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Actually hows this for an idea.

DCE to retire at seasons end and become Coach.

Steve Menzies Assistant Coach.

Cliffy Lyons - Halves Coach

Mark Carroll - Forwards Coach
Man, we're stuck with that idiot Seibold for at least another year.


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Storm had a mountain of players out tonight as well. But yeah, our recruitment is horrible.
Just like the Eels last week. we are slow, and lack any kind of cohesion. I think the cheat Flannagan is playing games with Spoony. Can you imagine Bellamy keeping him as an assistant with everything going on?

40 nil

It's only a game ...
I've been a great supporter of Schuster, but he's just not cutting it as five eighth. He's not involved enough in either attack or defence. From next week, I think he should revert to back row with Latu promoted to five eighth.


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Honestly, I hope not. The kid is a gun. But to answer, I'm unsure. Same as Fainu I guess.
Why would we keep someone decent when we recruit from the Tigers? All the top clubs recruit from there.

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