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Boy's i wasn't there but i've been well informed about the pace that he showed in the trial on the weekend. Apparently, he blew away the bloke who chased down Brett Stewart. Size and speed. Could be a real bolter this year. It's amazing what not having your groines needled before each game can do for you.


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Just wondering where he will fit in. it looks like Des is going to play matai and robertson.

personally I would like to see Steppa on the wing and hicks back in centre


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Yeah I Dont envy Des trying to fit 3 into 2 , Personally I would play Steppa , He Looked Dangerous everytime he ran the Ball , Hicks to Centre , Matai's Defence worries me


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Steppa deserves first shot IMO, played well at the back end of last season on the wing and has done nothing wrong in the trials.


The guy that chased down stewart had at least a 10 yard head start. Brett got the ball centre field after the tigers dropped it. The tigers winger was set deep on the grandstand side of the ground, so he was a fair bit up field behind the play when brett got the ball. It was a simple matter for the tigers bloke to run an angle in field to pick brett up. People shouldn't read too much into this incident, Stewart didn't look any slower to me.


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i dont think anyone is truly worried about Stewys pace, more so they are happy about steppa's pace.

With speed, height and size he should be our winger outside Alberts. He will do extremely well in that position. He is still young too, 21 i think so has time on his side.

judging by the short period of time he played id say des has seen enough to know what steppa is capable of.
The one reason why I didn't want Steppa in the centres last year was because of his distinct lack of pace. If he is injury free and quicker, I can see no reason why he shouldn't go back to the centres to partner Bell, as long as he shows a commitment to breaking the line with pace and power.


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We have Ash for that, leave steppa outside to take on a hard running wingers role ala hoppa in the 90's.
Agreed Mata. Fluffy, I've said that because I think Steppa should be ahead of Matai, even if that means he has to come into the centres. I'd be also happy with a fit Flash.


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fair enough then - im talking full strength side.

Robbo just seems too much like Donald and may be just as suspect under the high ball. We all know Steppa is good there. If alberts is out we should just give meaney a run - he is good enough.


I thought Steppa had a great game, and is well suited to that wing. He would be a starter for me.

I was concerned with Mattai in the Roosters trial, but he had a great game on Saturday. I would be happy giving him a shot at the start of the season, and if he doesn't step up we can look at Alberts again.


Yeah, agreed. Stephenson looked great. Robertson didn't do anything wrong, but tended to wait for the play to come to him. Stephenson came in to do a fair bit more work out of dummy half and got more involved. I'm told he was hampered by a groin injury last year and he certainly looked a more confident & experienced player out there yesterday (and big, fairly intimidating for the opposing backs).

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fair enough then - im talking full strength side.

Robbo just seems too much like Donald
You're kidding Fluff!! Robbo tackled well though the communication and decision making between him and Matai was average. Matai drifted in and Robbo stayed on his man. He nailed his opposite several times. He scored a very smart try against the Chooks and so I think he has talent.

Steppa was good and if he is fully fit that is sensational - he looked fast.

Good news for Manly and more depth! :clap: :clap:

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I think everyone agrees about Steppa

So ill pleade my case again like a white collar criminal to a magistrate.

Steppa and Robbo the wings. Hicks to centre to partner Bell.

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I totally agree Barks, he is a fair lump of a bloke. Looked a reasonable player too.
I think everyone agrees about Steppa

So ill pleade my case again like a white collar criminal to a magistrate.

Steppa and Robbo the wings. Hicks to centre to partner Bell.

Would be happy with that but Hicks prefers wing while Steppa imo would be happy at either. Great to see real competition for outside back positions.


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Despite Matai's better than average game I would rather that he be ready to play at 5:30pm on Saturday week. In 2 of his past 3 games (Rockhampton excluded) his form has been dreadful.

He only shone on Saturday when the Tigers were well beaten and their first try was scored on his side of the field. I didn't catch who missed the tackles as I was on the far side from that try. Apologies in advance to Matai if he didn't miss his man.

For me Steppa didn't nothing wrong and deserves his spot, but I do have a soft spot for Alberts, if only he could get on the field though.

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