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choc 160m 23t 4off loads
g stewart 94m 28t
luke williamson 4m 19t 1 bloody hitup yet poeple say we need him in the team fairdikum :bdh:
Exactly -- what I have been saying for a while now.

All he does is make tackles, now attack at all.

How come Tongue can make MORE tackles, but set up tries and score himself.

Punt him, Stewart can be our tackle happy back-rower, and he can offload and break tackles as well.


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I have never been a fan of Williamson since the day we signed him. Why we persist with a person who does not excel in any area does bother me - we certainly have people who can offer more than him - Matt Balin comes to mind very quickly.


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So it would make sense to look at a season average to gain a clearer picture of what each player contributes to the side?


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To be honest I can't remember the last time he made an impact in a good way in a game.
From NRL Stats. All season averages:

Glenn Stewart: Meters 119 Tackles 33 Line break 5
Choc: Meters 154 Tackles 27.5 Line brake 11
Willo: Meters 42 Tackles 27.7 Line break 0

Ballin: Meters 45 Tackles 26

Williamson makes as many tackles as the rest of the forwards but contributes nothing to attack.


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From memory Choc gave away the ball in that stupid push back which led to their first try. Panicy play, which you can never accuse Willo of doing. I like Willo and he makes me feel secure in the defensive sort when he comes on. I never look for him to create, just defend, which he does effectively
DSM, if his job is only to defend, why isn't he making more than 27 tackles? Players like Hindmars make many more tackles than him, and make over double the metres he does.

Jatz Crackers

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Well, thats a very telling statistic.

To defend Willow you have to either suggest he excels in other areas outside merely the tackle count or performs vastly better in the tackle count compared to others.

That would be a neat trick to convince me of that.

Im afraid, "feeling secure" doesnt cut the mustard on this one.
Exactly, Jatz. He doesn't even excel at tackling. His miss tackle average is pretty good at 1.1, but he only makes 27 tackles. Not good enough if that's all he does.

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Without backing him 1 way or the other because i am not sure either way on Williamson, there is 1 area which isn't measured by stats, and according to the experts it is a huge part of todays game, and that is the wrestle on the ground. Can't remember who it was that said it but they said he was in the top 2 in the comp in that area

DVS Matt

why worry - he'll be out of the backrow once lyon/matai push beaver out of centre

he's the best option with the current injuries.

he's an 80 minute player. When he does play 80 mins he makes 35-40 tackles and makes 50-60 metres. Not stand out i agree - but a workhorse like Tony Grimaldi used to be for the Dogs.
Do you mean the part of the tackle to get the player on his back to slow the play the ball, Kiwi?

If that's the case, why do other teams always seem to be able to play the ball quicker than us?


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If you look at his disastrous results of late compared to early on, I would say that is the most dissapointing thing. Has he lost his drive and passion?

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Do you mean the part of the tackle to get the player on his back to slow the play the ball, Kiwi?

If that's the case, why do other teams always seem to be able to play the ball quicker than us?

Yeah thats the part mate, Williamson is regarded as among the best at it. Most teams have a wrestling coach these days beleive it or not

For part two, that would be because the entire team is not that great at it maybe, i don't know


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He's only been playing 40 minutes or less lately for those stats though. Against the Dragons he went off in the first half for Cuthbertson I think and wasn't seen again until the last 5 minutes.


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I'd have Willo over Cuthbertson or Bryant any day. If Willo was on the park for the full 80 in the recent past then maybe our defensive efforts over the last three games may have been better, as that's really the only thing he's good at, but I'm not Des and he makes those calls. CIG imo the games are won on defense. Our star studded backline will get that atack up and scoring. Leave the engine room to defend.
Holding down a player 27 times out of over 200 during a game isn't very effective tbh. But in defence of Willow, what Matt is saying is spot on. He is a solid mistake free player much like grimaldi. I suppose i'd rather willow who is safe and makes the necessary tackles than some hack who will throw stupid passes and missed tackles, yet makes 100 metres.

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