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Standouts in Flegg last night vs Wests


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Jul 22, 2004
Another great win in Flegg 30-16. Standouts were AGAIN

Giant reserve 2nd rower Junior Palau!!! Scored 2 tries, the 2nd was he got the ball on the 30, brushed off 2 or 3, ran like a train at the fullback, did a step but stepped back into the fullback but literally threw him backwards over the try line and dived over!! The people around me were blown away, this kid is huge, as I mentioned last week, he is built like a willie mason, at 18, not as tall but runs and intimidates like him. I really watched every play of his and as mentioned, returning from a long term injury, is shaping as our best potential kid coming thru,
(AS A LONG TERM JUNIOR GRADES FOLLOWER I HAVEN'T) seen a forward like him in our club with SO MUCH POTENTIAL like a willie mason (we have Cuthbo etc but different player) , our junior team hasn't had a dominant kid like him, crusher, sign this kid long term QUICK!!!

2nd row Mark Offerdahl is back to his barnstorming best, the vautin look a like has hit his straps and led the team from the front, I believe he is still 2 years away from 1st grade, to chuck him in 1sts grade yet would be a negative, he is growing but needs till 2009 when he will be hardened.

lock Trent Rose (George's brother) always goes hard, built like Mark Riddell, short and stocky, he has great leg drive and is always punishing in defence. Trent is able to play most of the game and is a great worker with ball skill. Not sure how far he will go but is a leader in flegg

Centres Scott Burns and Andrew Everingham: Too entirely different players, Burns looks great in his new role in centre, he is a big boy (ex forward) but is quick and runs hard. Everingham is skinny (pencil like) but steps and jinks his way thru holes. If you asked me Burns is more likely to make it because of size, Everingham isn't lighning quick so his body shape goes against him. Burns, I am warming to each match.

Harry Berryman: 5/8, 2 years ago in matthews I was really rating him but he hasn't grown, he was big as a centre in matts but hasn't shot up, they have moved him into 5/8 but he doesn't stand out, doubt he will go further but would love to be wrong.

wingers Gray and Jang: Gray is from the country, brought down by Crusher, stocky build who has come up from sg ball, hasn't done anything spectacular, solid winger. Jang gets a run when it seems people are injured, comes and goes in the line up, solid player

The rest didn't stand out last night or I would have written, the 2nd rower Hayden Stevens has some good ball skill but bit light weight for 2nd row compared to Paulo and Offerdahl etc hooker or half JP Hawach does some nice things and is a solid player around the park.

Overall Paulo is a huge standout in flegg, like the look of centre Burns, Offerdahl in forwards has stepped up to being a dominant player again, front row Noxi is always potentailly great but time will tell, groomy played in PL with John Grieve

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