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Journey Man
Well lads, posting my little article about Jason King's re-signing has seen me banned from ME yet again!

Honestly, can anyone tell me what was so inflammatory about it?


Journey Man
Well heaven forbid that a fan would be passionate enough about their club to sit down and write an opinion piece about a major signing. A true supporter wouldn't do that!


Journey Man
Ah yes, I forgot that most ME readers prefer the Daily Telegraph to high brow publications like the Herald and the Guardian. :p


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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its alright mata drown those sorrows with a nice red!

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Are you banned or was your article just deleted? (Strange but oh well!!! Obviously didn't tickle the fancy of one of the admins?)

The Bird article is still up and posts that you have enter still read as being yours.


Journey Man
[blockquote Worker"]Are you banned or was your article just deleted? (Strange but oh well!!! Obviously didn't tickle the fancy of one of the admins?)

The Bird article is still up and posts that you have enter still read as being yours.[/blockquote] Article was deleted and now I can't log in. That normally means a banning. Believe me, I've had lots of experience!
Nothing was wrong with it mate, God knows why it was deleted.

Anyone know who would of made the delation/banning? Zorba or Sgt?


Journey Man
isnt zorba down with the squad - he was in the photos

would that mean that it was someone else with admin priviedges??

Either way its a disgrace - I can understand some of the stuff but not this one


First Grader
It would be someone who hates Matabele (could be many then) :twisted:............somehow there may of been a "hidden agenda" behind that article. :wink: If anyone could find one please let me know :lol: :lol:

The "hidden ajenda" is there for all to see. He loves the Manly club!


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
hahah mata your a clown
You called him a queen maybe they thought you were saying King was gay.

For what its worth i think your a harsh bastard to king come to think of it your a harsh bastard to most people ya **** :wink:


Journey Man
If that's what they thought then their comprehension skills are sadly lacking.

At least "The Bird" still flies over there. I'm surprised that wasn't interpreted as a rude gesture. :roll:


UFO Hunter
As a matter of fact, matabele took plenty of bashings over the last season for his endless support of king. Although he still see's him as a player with some improvement needed to be the player he is talked up about... their is still some love their. :wink:


Journey Man
The article wasn't an exercise in King bashing. I was trying to summarise the arguments for and against King. Yes, I did cop an incredible bashing from sue last year because I felt she was overly harsh on King - given that he rushed back from a serious injury to help the side.

However, he will now also be compared with Kite who made the Origin side last year. It will be VERY interesting to see how those two go in the same side this year. I put Kite ahead of King but it is quite possible that I'll be proven wrong.

As for princess and queen? A simple play on words. Some people need to understand that not everything is written to be taken literally. But it takes a bit of brain power to get to that point. :idea:

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