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Squad Balance

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Ryan, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    I hope the reason some of these signings haven't been announced, is because they haven't been made, or we are still evaluating everything.

    I agree with @Fluffy about our lack of depth next season given that list. I was told that list is great exaggerated, and I hope that's true.

    End of the day, our contracted players ARE contracted - so if they dig their heels in, they are depth in our top 25 worst case scenario.

    Look, I understand that the club is taking the opportunity now, knowing full well Matty Ballin may be retiring in 12-24 months to acquire really young guys, as they are available now - BUT DO NOT BURN YOUR PLAYERS. We have seen the result of that these past 18 months.

    In a perfect world, where flowers bloom, the water is milo/milk, and noone has to work, I'd love this (and think this is GF quality that Barrett would luckily inherit).

    01. Brett Stewart
    02. Jorge Taufua
    03. Steve Matai
    04. Jamie Lyon
    05. Tom Trbojevic
    06. Api Koroisou
    07. Daly Cherry-Evans
    08. Jake Trbojevic
    09. Matt Ballin
    10. Nate Myles
    11. Feleti Meteo
    12. Tom Symonds
    13. Jamie Buhrer

    14. Lewis Brown
    15. Brenton Lawrence
    16. Darcy Lussick
    17. Willie Mason

    18. Clinton Gutherson
    19. Peta Hiku
    20. Matt Parcell
    21. Jese Sene-Lefeo
    22. Josh Starling
    23. Blake Leary
    24. Addison Demetriou
    25. Liam Knight
    26. Michael Chee Kam
    27. Luke Burgess

    Depth, depth, depth.

    Players of note unfortunately gone: Justin Horo, Kieran Foran, Jack Littlejohn, Tyson Andrews, James Hasson.

    We then have the 2nd tier and NYC cap to cater for guys like:

    Riley Travers
    Manaia Rudolph

    and many, many others....

    Would people feel more comfortable with a squad like above?
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    • Remi

      Remi Active Member

      +254 /9
      The reason why they haven't been announced is Barrett is still sorting out who he wants and who he is getting rid of.
    • Ryan

      Ryan Well-Known Member

      +9,394 /402
      In that case, I really hope he has been watching the last fortnight of football for us.

      I'm sure as hell he'd be grinning ear to ear right. He's inheriting a Porsche here.

      Players deserving of a spot (Ballin) are deserving.
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      • robbiea

        robbiea Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +2,582 /79
        Pretty much the team I would want too ,only with a couple of small changes ...
        (Expand above to see changes)
      • sheridanstand78

        sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

        +4,867 /73
        If we can find a world class goal kicker it will be a big step forward, if you look at the current top sides, they all possess great kickers. I would like to see some more depth in the centres too cause we need cover for Killer and Skivvy.
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        • NYEagle

          NYEagle Well-Known Member

          +1,400 /84
          IF this team makes the eight, even if they go no further, you have a new culture here. These players have been through hell together and to make it through all of that - they could pretty much sign the whole lot for next year and you have a culture ready made and a team that can challenge for the premiership.

          You would question why management would sign/fire a whole bunch of players when a ready made culture is in place.

          Players I would let go now are Luke Burgess, Kieran Foran, Jack Littlejohn, Tyson Andrews, James Hasson so pretty much the ones going already.

          BTW where is Horo going?. Has he signed elsewhere?. He was excellent again last night.
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          • EagleFromMay1967

            EagleFromMay1967 Sky Punching : send them High as the Clouds

            +1,372 /49
            Agree with your squad Robbiea, but are you sure about Matt Parcell? And Luke Burgess is tolerable if it makes Sam B a probability, not a possibility.
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            • robbiea

              robbiea Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

              +2,582 /79
              Too be honest I just listed up to Willie.The rest was Ryans Yart.
              Also ,if I thought there was a possibility of Sam coming ,I would definitely be keeping Luke right in the mix.
              I wouldn't be giving up on JSL either ,I really think there might be something special there.
            • Chip and Chase

              Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

              +8,619 /80
              We won't go far if Koroisau is our first string 5/8. There is a reason he is 3rd choice in that spot for Penrith. I'm hoping we are going to sign someone decent for the 6 next year. I don't watch the NYC so I don't know how we are looking in halves depth, hopefully there are a couple there to look towards in 2-3 seasons, but we need something quality there for the next couple of years otherwise DCE will just get marked out of it if he is our only playmaking option. Especially if we persist with Ballin at 9 for 80 minutes a game, if we don't have attacking options out of dummy half then even more important we have them on both sides of the ruck.

              Apart from that the squad isn't too bad. I'm hoping that Jake Turbo really keeps developing and becomes that real X factor forward that we seem to be lacking. Someone who can blow a game open with a big run or good offload. That's another area we are a bit lacking in, a real impact forward.

              By the way add Sao and Lui to your not here next year list. Both would be in the mix for the top 17 if they were hanging around
            • blacktown eagle

              blacktown eagle the pot stirrer

              +59 /3
              More depth in the centres?
              In the side Ryan named there are 4 players capable of playing centre - and have done so for this club already in both 1sts, NSW cup and 20s - Gutherson, Hiku, Chee Kam and Demetriou although I've heard along the lines and in this forum that MCK has signed with the tigs although I hope it not to be true. I think we are covered pretty well in the centres.
            • 1978

              1978 Active Member

              +185 /37

              1. Stewart
              2. Tafua
              3. Matai
              4. Hiku
              5. Tom T
              6. Lyon
              7. DCE
              8. Jake T
              9. Ballin
              10. Myles
              11. Mateo
              12. Symonds
              13. Buhrer

              14. Brown
              15. Lussick
              16. Lawrence
              17. Korasi

              Then in Reserve Grade

              1. Gutherson
              2. Charlie Taylor
              3. Satini
              4. Williame
              5. Berryman
              6. Mania Rudolph
              7. Josh McCrone
              8. Josh Starling
              9. Matt Parcell
              10. Luke Burgess
              11. Jesse Sene Lafeo
              12. Blake Leary
              13. Chee Kam (if still here)

              14. Addison Demetriou
              15. Liam Knight
              16. Jessie Ramien
              17. Will Pearsall
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              • Dee Why Eagle

                Dee Why Eagle Well-Known Member

                +481 /5
                have you seen Gutherson kick?
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                • Remi

                  Remi Active Member

                  +254 /9
                  I would bring up Addison Demetriou at 8,10,
                  Liam Knight 13
                  Charlie Taylor can play 1, 2, 5, 3, 4 and apparently can play either side of field comfortably. Probably have him playing centre in this side
                • stoodamire

                  stoodamire Well-Known Member

                  +295 /5
                  We are in a spot of bother with Gutherson and Trbojevic,

                  They are both outstanding young prospects, however with our backline set, they'll have to bide their time and cover during injuries and rep season.

                  Hopefully they'll stick around knowing that Matai and Lyon will be retiring in the next year or two and the spots will open up for them.
                • Ryan

                  Ryan Well-Known Member

                  +9,394 /402
                  I actually think both are better than Hiku mate - feel bad saying that, but I really believe it.
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                  • stoodamire

                    stoodamire Well-Known Member

                    +295 /5
                    I think they're all good and bring something to the table.

                    There is no way in hell we would have an NZ international playing NSW cup.

                    I personally agree with Tommy on the wing, however i would hate to lose Hiku to another club. He has such great utility value.

                    Tommy and Gutho are signed on for another three years. Once Matai and Lyon are retired, Gutherson and Hiku in the centres and Tommy on the wing.
                  • ManlyMatt

                    ManlyMatt Well-Known Member

                    +409 /14
                    We may see Gutho at 6 next year with a new coach. I think he would go great guns but it would leave one spot for Hiku and trbjovic to fight for. People are way to harsh on Hiku on this forum. If he was to consistently hold down a centre spot he would be a lot better for it. If we constantly moved any other player between wing fullback and centre I think they would struggle for form also. Victim of his versatility.
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                    • Loobs

                      Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

                      +9,082 /306
                      Hypothetical: If Whare came back would you rather him or Hiku in post Killer/Matai - future state centre combo?
                    • maxta

                      maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                      +4,514 /101
                      Gutherson WILL be a starting centre & most likely Lyon will be the 6....also keep Parcell pretty close to the 17 - signed to be part of it & would already be in plenty of NRL sides today - Broncos just have an abundance of this explosive ball running player like Milford, Hunt, Nikorima ect
                    • manlyfan76

                      manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                      +8,068 /174
                      We could not pay him what he wants.

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