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I’m in a sports bet syndicate with ten of us in it ($20 bucks each a week so $200 outlay). We take it in turns to bet, if you win you keep betting and you can bet on any sport you like except horse racing (that’s a separate syndicate).
I assume there would be a few gamblers amongst the forum so I’m wondering if you guys have any left field suggestions from sports I know little about.
I’ve got a mate who bets on the American football and said that it is quite easy to pick winners in.
It’s my bet again this week but only just – I foolishly split my bets into some on Michael Clarke to top score (on Friday unfortunately), for 6-7 sixes to be hit in the innings (only bloody 4 hit by Pollock) and a draw in the Adelaide v Central Coast NSL game which saved my backside.
My old man reckons the NBL is a piece of piss to pick winners in but the odds are **** so I’m not that keen for that option.


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PJ I would have $150 on the Lankans tonight to beat SA @ $2.30 and have a $50 on Jayawardene for most SL runs @ $5.50

Potential return of $470.


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PJ: Bet against the Toronto Maple Leafs and you're in for a sure winner. I swear to Jeebus the under 8's team here could beat them fairly resoundingly at the moment.

Sorry... just needed a vent and this thread seemed like the best spot for it!


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He wont do it again, hes not young anymore, hard to back up so quickly.

Having said that I hope he does as I have him in my Dream Team :)


I've just started picking top run scorers in the cricket too

I got clarke the other night and the first game i picked martyn!! only been doin the aussie games... i think you should put money on sangakarra for top run scorer for sri lanka today! ;)


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Clon - after the other night it would be hard to go past jayasaria for most runs

True Fluff but I just have a feeling Jayawardene is in for a huge night tonight. Having said that he will probably get a duck.


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Jaya was looking good too.

That was possibly the weakest attempt at a final overs run chase that I have seen. The Sri Lankans bent over and took it from the saffas.

If they are bowling yorkers come down the frickin pitch and hit them!!!!


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If we dont win this next game i think it will prob be the end of the rotation system for this series.


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We will crush the Sri Lankans tomorrow. Look for Gilchrist to fire and dont be surprised if we are none for 100 very early on.

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