Souths- why are they in the comp

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I've said it before, I'll say it again- WHY ARE SOUTHS STILL IN THE COMPETITION????
They should never have been allowed back in the first place seing as they didn't meet the NRL criteria...but bring in a couple of token celebs, a protest rally and there you have it...
I read an interesting story in the Tele over the weekend about Souths training last week.
It highlighted how little they do and the fact that as soon as the time comes they are outta there (excepting the MacDougall brothers)
It also made comment about some of the drills the players are having difficulty with- the same drills under 15s sides do...
Make them move to the Central Coast or kick them out...I'm sick of people feeling sorry for them!

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I didn't have to look far to see the author of this thread!!! :lol:

They are awful and hopefully they will gift Manly 4 points in the run to the semis.

I can't wait for the impending signings for Souths to be announced - Vagana etc and then for them to sign one by one for stronger clubs.

Russell and Holmes a Cash will need to play for them for success. What they did have was tradition and heart but the money boys have shafted Piggins and co and now there have nothing!!!!!!
To be fair they did win something like 7 of their last 8 games last year and I thought they would be stronger this year. They have around 8 first graders out injured and pathetic training facilities. That said they should snap up the 8 million on offer & move to the Central Coast asap.


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Even injury free they are still a crap side. Get rid of them. Sides have disappeared previously without any harm done to the game. Uni, Newtown, Bears. Either move to the Central Coast or die.


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The only reason for Souths existance over the last twenty years was to provide a well for us to get some decent forwards from and now that rationale has gone, who'd want any of them. It amused me when Newtown were rubbed out that Souths and their arl cronies did absolutely nothing to save that foundation club so why the crocodile tears when Souths were shown the door. And what's with the beards? are they going to grow them until a win?


Maybe crowe can make a movie out of them. The biggest losers?

Honestly any team with the Walker brothers in it has got to be a joke. They way they are going they will probably sign the Fulton brothers and the Mayoh brothers next year.

Piss them off and get Norths back in the comp playing out of the central coast.
Yes, they are shiite, but how would you feel if we were going through a bad run, and we were kicked out? We'd fight to the death to be re-instated. The problem with Souths is there off-field activities. Constant board-room bickering, crap training facilities, no 'home' - that's why players won't go there. Central Coast might be more promising for them long-run, but I can understand fans who don't want them to go there.


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On papr and reputation their backline is one of the best in the comp.

But that was a reputation built at other clubs that had a decent work ethic, a desire to win, and a few decent forwards (and a decent halfback ;))

Look at the disgraceful decline in players like Hegarty, McDougall, Galuvao etc and you'll be able to add PEachy to the list in a few week's time.


you would have to get their fans who go to matches to agree to the central Coast move, BOTH OF THEM ......boom boom!

as for the fans who dont turn up which they apparantly have millions, they will save more on petrol not going to central coast than not going to footy stadium!!!! so there is a bright side hehe :dance:


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really badly coached. Their sets are ordinary, kicking game crap, no cohesion. Who could we buy? maybe luke mcdougal at best.


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Manly have the 2nd worst record apart from Souths in the last 10 years !!! I'm confused by this thread. Nth QLD also had an appaulling run.


My comment was made looking at the bigger picture Ryan- not just their performances on the field


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Have we won a premiership in the last 10 years? Yes

Have we shown improvement since the lean years of the early 00's? Yes

Have Sths won a premiership or been in a GF or even made the finals in this period? No

Have Sths shown improvement in the last 10 years? No

They should be moved to the CC, I feel for the fans but it has to happen.


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Those that read the article on Sunday about their training habits would have noted that they had about three afternoons off during the week.
All they did against the Tigers was put into practice what they did at training.........they had the afternoon off!


I feel for their supporters but Souths are a deadset joke!!

When was the last time someone tipped souths to win a game??

I don't know where to for souths but something has to happen or else they are wasting a game of footy every week that a team from a different part of Australia could play in and make a better fist of it


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manly last 10 years 96 - 06 (7 seasons) have won 89 games (beagles not included as they are not manly)

brisbane 113
canberra 93
bulldogs 100
sharks 92
rorters 112
storm 82 (didnt play in 96/97)
knights 96
nth qld 67
eels 96
panthers 84
souths 41
saints 96/91 depending on which half of the merger st/ill
warriors 71
west tigers 74/65 depending on merger bal/wests

So over the last 10 years we are 6th worst

sorry to use facts to ruin your story again ryan

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Manly have the 2nd worst record apart from Souths in the last 10 years !!! I'm confused by this thread. Nth QLD also had an appaulling run.
That is absolute CRAP Ryan, and it doesn't matter what criteria you would like to use to measure it - not defined in your initial sweeping statement.

For a number of those years we were in an ill-fated merger with a polar-opposite club which was a debacle.

GF 97
Semis 98
Poor Season 99 (Lost first six games and Bozo resigned)
Missed Semis 04
Semis 05

If that is the poorest record I am a bad judge.

Apart from last year the Tigers have done nothing. Cowboys have emerged in the last two years but were crap prior to that. Raiders have done nothing much since 94. Sharks have done nothing since 96. Bears were in the comp up until 99 and did nothing muchm apart from one good year the Warriors have done nothing, etc

Dragons and Eels have had great players and have done nothing in Sept, Broncos with the teams they have had should have won 5 premierships in the past 10 years and have done nothing much. It's all relative.

Dogs, Roosters and Knights have had some good moments but even they have only snared a comp or two over the last 10 years. Not easy to win these days.

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