Post-Game Discussion Souths v Manly [Round 4, 2023]

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Sea Eagles
13 Accor Stadium
25 Mar 2023 19:35
81:58 minute

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Did anyone else think that Lattrell Mitchell punched Josh Aloiai in the face when Souths were given the penalty for a head high tackle on him?
The boys did well and a lot to like from our performances so far this season.
Still plenty of room for improvement but I'm liking what I'm seeing and feeling a lot more positive about the season ahead than I have for a couple of years.
I'm bored with shaking my head in disbelief about officials calls and don't get me started about touchies - isn't one of their roles to call forward passes (or not if there isn't one?)
I enjoyed a good game of footy, not the final outcome I would have wanted, but a good game none the less.
Manly now have a better idea of where they're at in the comp.
Yeah, don't like to lose either but so much good stuff to take out of that game. We are a much better team than in 2021. You just knew then we had no answers to the top teams.
This year feels different.

Self explanatory really.

May have been?​

NRL round 4: Rabbitohs win 13-12 over Manly, Sea Eagles denied try over controversial ‘forward pass’​

Just days after losing club legend John Sattler, an exhausted Rabbitohs side have survived a Manly onslaught, but may have been assisted by a contentious referee call.

Martin Gabor, Michael Carayannis and Wilson Smith
Cody Walker did the early damage before halves partner Lachlan Ilias provided the heroics as the Rabbitohs honoured the late John Sattler with an emotional 13-12 win over the Sea Eagles in a super Saturday classic.
But the win wasn’t without controversy, with the Sea Eagles denied a ‘wonderful try’ by referee Chris Sutton which left commentators stunned.

“Well that is a wonderful try that has been denied and the Eagles are incensed,” Dan Ginnane said.

“At that no stage did I think there was a forward pass in that movement,” Greg Alexander said.

“No, no, no. No way was that forward, what is wrong? That’s a let off for Souths.”
The problem was the pass was perfectly legal and should have resulted in four points for the visitors midway through the first half.

“The referees and the touchies are closest to it,” Anthony Seibold said.

“It would have been great if it was awarded because it was actually decent footy, but some calls you get and some you don’t.

“It was early in the game so we had enough time to give ourselves another opportunity.”

Shocking forward pass decision. A complete farce
— BUZZ ROTHFIELD (@BuzzRothfield) March 25, 2023
120 years ago, when men first sat down to draw up rules for this game called rugby league, what was purpose of “forward pass†rule? I would imagine that whatever their intention, they would never have envisaged that Manly pass tonight being adjudged as forward. So pedantic.
— Phil Gould (@PhilGould15) March 25, 2023
👀 forward pass……… really? I don’t think it was even close to forward. #nrl

— Jamie Soward (@sowwowofficial6) March 25, 2023
A loss but fighting out a tight game with one of the top sides is something I can't recall Manly being able to do in the last few years, even in 2021 really.

Sure Souths had a few middles unavailable but our loss of Croker was at least as disruptive.

Manly had a number of chances to clinch the win despite gross clunkiness and I've no doubt the players will take great confidence from that. Manly is undeniably on an upward trajectory, another enjoyable season unfolding I reckon.
We lost, probably a game we should of won but can take a lot opf positives.

Was never going to be a game with a lot of points, both teams defended well. We threw some trademark wrap around plays early and they covered them well, but our edge D was much improved last night, especially defending walker. Thought DCE, Koula and Tippy worked in sync a lot better.

I thought our forwards were great, even Aloia . He worked pretty hard all night, dropped a **** pass on his hip at the end. But the hooker's service all night let us down. There were moments with 20 to go, Manly's forwards were on top and we had a few repeat sets, Souths forwards were tiring and some of the service from hooker completely nulled our advantage. Probably needed to run from dummy half more as well when they were on the back foot. Lawton isn't a hooker though tbo.

DCE usualy shines in the pressure cookers but thought his kicking game wasn't his best perfromnace. Needed those kicks to get a little deeper and into space at the back end of that match. Not to be.

Still a lot to like, we haven't been able to match it with the better sides especially, in the forwards and defensively for a few years now. Hopefully we can keep building and improve even further throughout the year.
It will be interesting to see if the ref Chris Sutton gets the sack for this weeks matches.

Really poor decisions should have consequences.
I want to see Annesley defend the decision. Really, the only thing he can say is that the ref just got it wrong - which I can cop. Any mention of viewing angles and "line-ball" calls, however, will have me seeing red. It was a shocker.
I just watched the game again, and the intensity and the effort of all the players were pretty incredible. There was nothing left on the field by either team. It was a game of guts and determination and extreme exhaustion in the end. The game was played with more emotion and passion than skill and quality by all our boys and theirs. It was a finals game, and it felt like a throwback from the seventies and the eighties. (Manlys Golden Years) There is no shame in that loss for any of our players. Proud to be a Sea Eagle. Go Manly.
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Maybe did enough to win and better side for a good portion of the game but surely a bit of a downer result when the game was there to be won and in the context of the season . 2 competition points is very handy any time and in the context of an optimum finishing position and especially against a quality team . Seemed almost directionless when all of those opportunities were there pressing the Souths line latter in the 2 nd half and not to mention the almost zero benefit of having Turbo trying to probe around in the middle and into heavy defensive . Real positives were edge defence shaping up better , Bulemor certainly stepping up a gear and Tui going so much better . koula still did well to get to the line , commitment in defence still seems to be a strength . josh has occasionally had a problem with his ball control and a terrible instance in extra time to be on show Just so disappointing again that the game was there for the taking and just did not have the organized play and right positioning of key players to make it happen . Hope that the missed opportunity of two very attainable points does not come back to bite the side at the business end of the comp
I really appreciated seeing our boys sitting on the field absolutely spent after last night.
So much better than seeing everyone grinning and joking. They spent their bodies for a win that didn't happen. Keep it up Manly.
Gripes -
*still don't think Walker's was a try. Only one angle was shown before try confirmed. In real time, no try.
*of course the so called forward pass. That try was brilliant but Souths got away with countless forward passes.
*Manly being blamed for a non-contact trip when he was after the ball and then the bunny pulled at his hair - how can that not be mentioned - corruption.
*High tackle on Trell - what Bs.
*I understand keeping on the pressure on, but take the two and we win.
*Need to fine tune some 5th tackle options.

Let's smash the Knights next week.
Go Manly!

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