Souths finally sign someone


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I might also add that the threads on MSE claiming that Orford has signed with the storm have been deleted. We can all breathe easy... for now anyway.
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they have made a few reasonable purchases but are missing the marquee signings.

They still have a few forwards off contract though from memory
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An extra incentive for Monas to sign at Souths. Not a big one though.

The longer it takes for Orford to sign THE WORSE IT LOOKS FOR US!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes boy's the longer it goes the better it looks for the Storm to retain him.Unless the signing of big Joe get's the ball rolling in South's favour?
Journey Man
Joe's not a bad prop at all. You look at their definate positions:-

Webb from Roosters @ 9 is a great buy.
Joe from Panthers with Cusack is pretty formidable.
I wouldn't cimplain if their 5/8 was ours.
They've got two Macdougalls that ARE good players.
They have Hegarty.
They have a prop that was close to SOO for QLD this year.
This Champion kid is a great player.
Their new HUGE centre ran all over us.
Polgase is a decent little fullback.

+ think that they will buy a few more (possibly Orford)
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I still say he will stay with the Storm.Even Big Joe wont get orford to South's.Just a feeling i have that he will still be a Stormboy for a few more year's yet..So 3 more year's in the wilderness with MM...
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And heres a big *Buuuuuuuuuuuuurp* to that. We should get used to the bottom end of the table in that case.
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Well if they are such a good proposition why didn't Braith gzo there.He even said it would have been a big gamble for him to sign with South's if he went there on his own,without Orford and Bell?So he doesn't rate South's any chance to climb of the bottom of the ladder any time soon.
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God i hope that is not the case Ryan.I think we have gotten a nose bleed from being at the top of the ladder.The air must be to thin up there for the boy's to handle.
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Souths will improve next year, but only slightly

my side would be


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I see in the scum rag that they are about to announce the signing's of Brett Dallas & Chris McKenna.Add a couple more old age pensioner's to the Bunnies home for old men.

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