Sorry guys - I HAVE to vent:-


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Guys - Rose is 24. He's got a lot of years, and a lot of improvement in him. As one of his harshest critics early on, he has really changed my opinion of him. I seriously hope we retain him.


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I think we would all feel a little more at ease if the boys could put at least put one team to the sword, and assert there authority.
Josh Perry. After we were rumoured to buy him, I have been watching him. Sorry lads, but he is pathetic. Lumbering. Overweight. Slow. Low workrate.

Desmond is just so damned frustrating. Backrowers playing centre. 1/2's playing Hooker. Hookers playing Premier League. 5/8's playing utility. Then these specialised players get released to move one of the worlds best centres to a position he fails at??? Honestly though, that'll do me.

1) They said BK was injury prone until we got him, Perry has played origin and the change of clubs should liven him up.

2) What options did Des have on Friday night Burns & Matai out Ballin coming back from injury (only played 1/2 of PL). Beaver 2nd game back from long lay off so good way to ease him back into forwards (played ok in centres against Souths and has played there in Origin).
Neuman not up to NRL so who else do you bring in.

If all players were available I would be worried but I see no reason to toss the toys out of the cot just yet.


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I've been at every game this year and the last three have left me a little apprehensive. It used to be that that was the magic of Manly, brittle at times, but at other times, brilliant. Brilliant I haven't seen this year. Brittle? unfortunately to often. Our defense is good but the attack is poor. Ideas arn't there to work with. Des was always a fantastic defender but pedestrian in attack, simply because it wasn't in his job description. Anyway I'm not slitting my wrists just yet, maybe later. Good post Ryan.

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