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After reading the "congrats Aaron" post I just have one query. How does this site "cater for the fan that falls within the white collar demographic"? Besides the sarcastic and cynical tone in the Alternate sections and the forum I don't see the difference between here and other Rugby League fan sites. I don't mean to be critical, I just find it an odd way to describe a website.
Bob I post a fair bit at OOE and have only posted here for a few weeks (don't visit any of the other NRL team's websites) but if you visit OEE & MSE often you could not help but notice that if somebody posts a opinion on a player or team position that certain posters don't agree with it is more often rebuked with a string of insults rather than even an attempt to argue on a rational basis. I think while Matabele's "white collar demographic" was a bit condecending you would have to agree that in general (there are allways exceptions to any rule) most of the posters here at least try to back up their arguments without resorting to personal abuse.Now that I have have shared my thoughts you can all get ****ed


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I guess, we are just aiming to be the most hated site of the most hated just makes it all seem more Manlyish


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It's really just Matabele being a wanker.

But if you took a straw poll of the regular posters here, you'd find a majority are in that demographic.

I've heard that Corso Pete has a very interesting way of expressing it. ;)


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It's really just Matabele being a wanker.

But if you took a straw poll of the regular posters here, you'd find a majority are in that demographic.

I've heard that Corso Pete has a very interesting way of expressing it. ;)

My view of Silvertails as told to that wanker Matabele, during one of our any number of disagreements.

"MSE is mainstream, designed for the masses, a bit like MacDonalds I suppose. Whereas Silvertails is that quirky little ethnic restaurant on the corner, loved by the adventerous few that care to enter its doors, others glance at the menu but then decide against it and of course there is the other group that just say "its wog food, can't eat that [censored]".

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As far as I am concerned this site is open for any fool who wishes to waste his/her time.

1. It is however primarily a Manly site.

2. It is moderated well - to hopefully cut the crap (a few of us get away with it as we are mods :lol:)

3. It isn't a chat room or haven for errant schoolboys or desperate Housewives.

4. A place where people can say what they think (without breaking the law, being libellous or just plain vulgar) without worrying about who they will upset.

5. For True Supporters of the Mighty Sea Eagles.


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Corso is on fire with his view. Glad he stepped through the door though.

CW is right on all points.

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White Collar?? Matabele obviously hasn't seen the balance of my bank account!

My take on the phrase is it is a play on words ie the silvertails of the silvertail club - hated by the fibro battlers wearing ugg boots but loved by the discerning intellectuals.


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Corso Pete has an even more entertaining and precient view on the chef of the ethnic restaraunt. :lol:


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Theres an s in prescient Matas :)

and a more common word for it is foresight, rather than accuracy


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tellingly accurate (I think) ;)

*Corso Pete heads off to the dictionary to keep the bastard honest*

To the dictionary I went, The Oxford Compact to be precise: "having knowledge of events before they take place"

Well done Fro, whats the score now Matabele? In relation to the chef comment, I will let that slide through to the wicket keeper.


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Or was it a deliberate trick?

Or was the chef prediction actually a prescient statement after all?

Who can tell?


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Are there still Sizzler's in Sydney?

I thought they only survived in Queensland where they seem to make a speciality of those "stuff your face for $12" places.

Always amusing to walk past and watch the sunburned masses salivating over potato skins and sour cream.

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