Some things never change

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Journey Man
I must admit to falling apart laughing when Harris entered the fray in todays game midway through the second half.

When he came onto the field that time he immediately missed a tackle that led to a long break. Next time he sees action he drops his first hit-up cold whilst the Tigers are working out from their line.

In the resulting attack the Bulls drop the ball 1 metre from the Tigers line, it is recovered by Harris who somehow contrives to pass it a good 5 metres forward. Shortly after he misses yet another crucial tackle - just getting bumped off like he was a fly.

Horrible, woeful stuff and shades of Manly 2004. Maybe we won't miss him as much as I thought.


I also thought that he had a very ordinary game.

He was poor with the waratahs and really only showed glimses of his true potential with us.

There is no doubt that he has talent but I think that he is not mentally tough enough and does not apply himself sufficiently to ever fulfill his full potential.

He will end his career as a wasted talent. Tim Sheens must now be cringing at buying him from manly.


Journey Man
Yeah, I reckon he has little more than a sponge above his shoulders.

Great physique, no mental toughness.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
We bought him as a huge signing and a marque player. My guess is that we are saving a lot of moolah in offloading him to the Tigers.

To his credit he did some good things but never really lived up to the hype. Five games in 2004 were great but that was it for me. Defensively he let us down too often.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
The problem for Manly was that he clicked so rarely. He was a rare talent - the brilliance was hard to find but when it did happen it was usually great.

I have watched a few DVDs of Manly games last year and Sam was responsible for too many defensive lapses. Good luck to him at the Tigers. It will be interesting to consider in a years time as to whether losing him was a good or bad thing.


Journey Man
He does seem to have problems reading the opposition attack. He had an awful tendency to go the wrong way.


Journey Man
I don't want to be negative, but regardless of his play, he added 10 fold to the team more than Jason King did throughout the year. Harris was more diverse, mobile, skillfull, could play a HELL of a lot more minutes, could add second phase play to the team..
In my opinion, the decision to retain King, and release Harris was just plain wrong.
We should have let him go to The Roosters. We could play against him then...
Sorry fellas....

Canteen Worker

First Grader
On difference Ryan. The Tigers came knocking wanting Harris.

Despite the press of the Roosters wanting JK I am not sure that there were too many happy to take him off our hands.

This year will tell with JK? Hopefully his shoulder and sternum injuries will have improved as may his lateral movement. I hardly see him put on a hit last year, instead resorting to the grab and second man flop.

(Goes to wait for the 'Manly rubbisher' name calling and 'I dare you to say it to his face' sort of anti-true-supporter comments.)


Journey Man
Pffft Canteen...I would suggest King already knows these will have to be on the park where he proves us wrong.

He is probably two performances (poor ones) away from being dumped in my opinion.

Rose / Styles / Curtis / Arnold / Feinefeakai / Moorwood / Cleal / Bryant are all chomping at the bit for his spot !!!

But like I said, I'd take Harris over King ANY day of the week. But then again, maybe I am watching for different attributes in a prop than Des is. I want:-

1. Go Forward
2. Mobility
3. Skill (ability to create ALA Tigers)
4. 60+ minute player

Any player without these attributes can sit happily in Premier League.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I want a prop like Cement who will be tough and hard and hold the ruck, hurting and softening up the opposition. Mark Carroll and Cement were a great combination.


Reserve Grader
I thought exactly the same Mata, I actually almost raced upstairs to make a post about how much I miss Sammy after watching the game...

I'm not giving up yet though, the guy has potential and when he fires he fires quite potently..It's just up to Supercoach Sheens to make sure that happens every week, rather than once every ten.


Journey Man
I saw more go forward from King than harris last year. King had 2 games where he cracked 100m, harris none.


First Grader
He was the absolute joke he was for Manly many times last year.

His performances for manly was never above expected from an NRL standard player but his was substandard on many occasions.


my tigers mates at work hate the bloke already... i didnt watch the game but they were going on about a massive forward pass that went out or something? glad to see he still thinks hes a 5/8

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Funnily enough Sam's best game was the one at Leichhardt against the Tigers when we had no BK and Beaver. It was more like a game of touch until they started tackling but Sam played wll in patches that night!

The Wheel
Premium Member
The Waratahs knew his was injury prone (back back or somehting) along with being a poor trainer and were only too happy to let him go - I don't think wew ill have any regrets either


we lack the old fashioned big 2nd rower.

With all due respect to willow G Stewart Beaver and to an extent Watmough we dont have a massive 2nd rower who will make yards besides Watmough... as last season our forwards were near the bottom of metres per game.


yeah the headgear fella.. been watching him for a few years.. he looks promising.. but its a big jump to 1st grade. lets hope he makes it.
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