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Kim Jong Dan
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Top Tackler: Mark Bryant
Most it Ups: Anthony Watmough
Most Line Breaks: Ben Kennedy
Most Offloads: Steve Menzies

I think BK, Watmougha nd Menzies have made a very good appeal for Origin duties in a scrappy game today they stood out

Watmough also made 146 Metres, Menzies 130 and BK 109 leading the metres
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Beaver also made 29 tackles, watmough 25

I agree that all 3 are looking good chances, for probably 2 positions.
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Gould named Menzies, Kennedy and Kite in his Origin 17 in today's paper.

Don't kid yourself that he doesn't have sway at the selection table or that he isn't pulling strings with Stuart on the end of them.
Listening to Gould on Friday night, it sounds like he still regrets not being able to convince Beaver to play with the Rorters several years ago. Bad luck buddy.


Kim Jong Dan
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of course he is.

Watmough deserves a run, but if he misses out he will be there next year
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Gould has more sway than anyone bar stuart i would imagine.

When is the squad of 30 named??
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It would be great to have all four in the Origin Squad of 30. Chances are that only two at any time will be in the squad as Fitgibbon, Hindmarsh will be the first two picked.

Over the three games there is a good chance all four might get a run. It would be great for Watmough to have some big game experience.
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I can't see BK or Menzies missing out. I can also see Watmouh over Kite based on Kite being injured and our of the lime light so to speak. He may just be over looked.

I think all 4 "Should" be included but I dare say only 2 will.
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I reckon Trent Waterhouse will be there as well (with Hindmarsh & Fitzgibbon) for the backrow so that leaves either Choc or BK to go into team. 1 will miss out IMO
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I think the versatility of Beaver at being able to cover forward and back has him right in the mix as well. If he is not in the initial 30 there needs to be a royal commission!

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