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Some points from the game

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Jul 15, 2004
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A few things came out of the game last night:

1. We did not take a ball on the full inside our own quarter. Are our wingers under instruction to let the ball bounce or are they very slow to react? Hicks in particular looked very dodgy. Is is confidence?

2. Dessie started with Willo and Beaver in the centres. Obviously Tezza and Alberts were never going to play. They both did the job defensively. Stephenson game on the right rather than left side - as usual - and did a good job in defence, saving a few tries and even making the tackle that Hicks got sucked into, causing a try for Monaghan.

3. We have a gutsy pack who put it up to them. Not the same potential for penetration as the Roosters but the good honest work was awesome.

4. Our front row stood up. Was that King's twin brother who played the first 20 mins. Actually had a go and looked good Kite was very strong and did excellent work in the middle. Bryant did okay, especially in defence.

5. Dunley played most of the game and his go forward was vital. Randall also had a dig and played better. The attack has much more variety when Dunley is on the park.

6. Kennedy and Watmough are champions.

7. Even the greats make mistakes. Beaver made a few silly errors in our own territory that could have cost us big time.

8. Our last 10 mins in the first half was ordinary - mistakes and defensive lapses were a worry again. Same thing against Panthers and Eels.

9. Witt is getting better and better. His kicking is outstanding and he is starting to take control of the game around the park.

10. Manly adapted well to the conditions. We played a smarter, tougher game than we have in the past.

11. Our confidence will grow as a result of this game. To play and match a team like the Rosters must encourage the boys that we can win against anyone. The Brisbane game has been put well behind us.

12. Our attack is still very stereotyped. We are doing well with what we have and Des is to be congratulated.


May 27, 2005
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In reply:
1. This was a real concern for me. Hicks in particular looked hopeless under the high ball. One day it will back-fire on us. I also asked myself whether they were under instruction to do this.
2. Beaver and Willo did a good job in defence, but these two aren't the answer for this positional answer.
3. Agreed. King and Kite put their hands up amd did the hard work. Bryant did a good job.
4. Agreed, as per 3.
5. Dunley sparked us into action. His go-forward was the key against a tiring pack.
6. Agreed
7. Agreed
8. Yep, it's developing into a pattern. Des & Co need to look at this.
9. Agreed - kicking off this planet, but still needs to link better to the outside backs and get more creative close to the line.
10. Agreed - one year older, and more experienced guys (BK)
11. This was the game we all wanted to win.
12. Attack close to the line still a problem. Too one out and not enough angled runs, inside balls, runners, etc. At least they were a bit deeper this time, and there were a few good cutout balls.


Journey Man
Jul 15, 2004
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I'd say our wingers were instructed to not take risks with the wet ball at night.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Comp 2021
Jul 15, 2004
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1- Hicks took 3 in a row in the first half on his wing. I was sitting right where he took them, are you sure you were watching the roosters v manly Game?

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Jul 15, 2004
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He let a few bounce and also missed one in the in-goal which led to a line dropout and coast us, late in the game. Was pretty ordinary under the high ball against Broncos as well. Probably confidence!

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