Some Interesting Comments from Tooves

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From the SMH report about the Toovey fine - see Front page for full artcle:

Toovey accepts that he was wrong to address the Manly players as a group while he was on the field, since the rules call for trainers to be allowed only to take messages to individuals, but he was adamant he wasn't trying to rev up the referee.

"It's not my job to tell the referee how to do his job," Toovey said yesterday. "I would never do that.

"I was trying to get our blokes to speed their game up and to start by playing the ball quicker. I was shouting at the group and the ref seemed to take offence at that.

"I know now that I can only address the players as individuals and not as a team, so I accept I was wrong in that area.


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If you saw the footage of the incident on the Monday night Fox show the other night you would know that Tooves was definitely giving Bumstead a gobful for letting the Sharks lay on top of the tackled player for so long. He may have been shouting at the players as well but you can see him looking directly at the ref and screaming just before he is sent off. Bumstead deserved it though.

As Tooves got to the sideline and the crowd was going off he had this classic naughty boy grin on his face - priceless!

Warren Smith gave him the pumpkin award for the week.


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This whole Toovey incident on the weekend just cements the realisation that the club is far from doing great.The way i see it is, a total lack of professionalism lacking thru the whole clubs structure ,from the very top management all the way to probably the ****house cleaners. The whole loyalty to friends business etho ,is not cutting it for me .


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I think you're drawing a long bow there robbiea. I don't disagree that there is room for improvement in the professionalism stakes but Tooves was just experiencing the same frustration with the slow rucks that every person (& player) in the ground was feeling.

The head trainer in each club does pretty much the same thing each game (not including yelling at the ref!) but it's the Tooveys and Palmers that cop the headlines due to their high profiles.

By the way, Bumstead reffed the play the balls in the same manner for both teams it's just that the Sharks are perennial ruck cheats and they exploited it better than us.


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he was ejected from the field.

He did a stupid thing, it shows a total lack of discipline and common sense.

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