Smokin' Joe's glorious juniors thread.....2022 edition.


1.Lehi Hopoate enough said
2.Nepote Taufa have no info on him
3.Maxwell Taotua centre originally from Dogs,twin of lock Mitchell
4.Thomas Klem local junior from union.NSWRU U15 sevens rep
5.Charlie Poynton local junior and NSWRU U15 sevens rep,also represented CIS U15 last year.
5.Calvin Levy played last year from the Bankstown area,tall and fast,a good finisher.
6.Brycen Anae-Roberts picked up last year from Tigers.

6.William Quinn local jr I think and was with our Matthews side in 2020.
6.Tuaomaliemavaitoelau Patea another NSWRU U15 sevens rep,think from out Windsor way?
7.Jackson Cahill-Smith was training with Tigers Matthews side this offseason before joining us
8.Kakile Leha from Roosters and Endeavour HS,good potential,U15 Australian schoolboy rep a year or two ago.
9.William Ben have no info on him
10.Rene Bagon was with the side last year,from Gold Coast and one for the future
11.Cayden Close we all know from previous threads,from Coffs Harbour
12.Roy Quiroz Mapusua big unit from Tigers originally and in the Blues pathways squad
13.Mitchell Taotua originally from Dogs and quality player.
13.Lenny Plati,local junior I think and younger brother of Guiseppe who played Flegg with us a couple of years ago.
13. Jack Branda a lock from St.Pats Bathurst,goalkicker and phenomenal motor,potentially big future.
Jake Fulton grandson of Bozo and a half/centre/dummy half.
Zedrick Tupulua a huge prop/second rower from penrith area,been with the side a couple of years.
Simione Laifai a prop from Bass HS and represented CHS U15 last year,could be a good one.
Julius Pula a prop from Western Sydney and a dark horse,NSW PSSA rep last year.
Isaia Tu'ifua from Southern Districts rugby second rower.
Dayshawn Lyden a prop from last years side and also from Bass HS.
Tevita Tukuafu played with Eels Matthews side last year,prop I think.
Finnlay Bartlett second rower who represented CIS U15 last year,plays rugby with Scots college.Has some real wraps from the rugby community.
Kerisiano Russell a prop from St.Marys.
Fakavale(Josh)Tonga a pick up from Bankstown Bulls,monster of a kid at prop but foot speed needs a lot of improvement.


1.Charlie Thompson winger fullback originally from Knights,played some flegg last year.
2.Luke Tucker fullback winger from union originally,played with side last year and CIS open rep last year.
3.Fletcher Myers from Knights.
4.Josh Feledy local Jr from Matthews last year.
5.Ashton Kolinisau originally from Norfolk Island and played with Raiders Ball side in 2020
6.Latu Fainu enough said.
7.Tylor Bunting from Panthers Matthews side last year,organising half and goalkicker.
8.Tobias Hatcher from Knights originally tall backrower from last year's Ball side moving to prop a bit of a surprise packet.
9.Damien O'Donnell son of David and captain,local Jr with a big future.
10.Caleb Navale really good pick up from Dragons,Fijian and played some flegg last year,good potential.
11.Samuela Fainu enough said
12.Dylan Coutts local Jr and from Matthews side last year.
13.Jonathan Chan(Kum Tong) bro of Gordie and another Bankstown Jr. can also play dummy half
Kobe Fulton grandson of Bozo,mainly a half/dummy half and keeps sticking around making the side.
Ollie Cummins local Jr and plays halves/9 big future.
Tainui Quiroz Mapusua played Laurie Daley cup in Western Sydney last year and a second rower/prop.
Will/Epeli Lavaki a lock/ prop who played in our Ball side in 2020
Antonio Taufa a prop/backrower originally from union from last year's Matthews side.
Eli Sagala originally from union and a classy attacking centre from our Matthews side.
Noah Faatui middle guy and local junior pretty good player.
Drew Williams a backrower/centre from our Matthews side.
James Malau'ulu suspended and a big unit originally from the Eels,originally a centre moving into prop and good player.
Ryan James a second rower,from South Coast I think.
Peter Poulos a winger from Bears 2021 SG Ball side.
Roman Hickson,not sure of position,local Manly junior rugby
Angus Crosbie a prop originally from Knights,good player.
Kayla Faumui prop from Penrith way,played Matthews with Roosters in 2019.
Oscar Palin local Jr and a prop/lock,plays some rugby,thought we had lost him back to union.

Toroa Rapana fullback from CRL,originally from NZ rugby.
Flynn Angles-Corke,originally from Raiders,with side a few years,fullback and 5/8.
Charlie Thompson winger/fullback playing with Ball side currently.
Iverson Mapu-Satiu played inside centre(12) for Wellington College in NZ,rugby union.
Sagele Aukusitino a winger from NZ rugby who joined mid year 2021.
Sunia Siusua a winger who played with our Ball side in 2020.
Poasa Telepe a goalkicking winger from West's Ball side last year.
Tom Jarrett a winger from last year's Ball side,originally from rugby/touch footy.
Cameron Brown a centre/winger from our Ball side last year,stepped up to flegg at end of Ball season,good player.
PJPKopa a centre from Flegg last year who trained with NRL side.
Donovan Boney a 5/8 from West's Ball side last year.
Soakimi Fakaua a dummy half originally played with Dragons a few years back.
Zac Fulton Bozos grandson and played in NRL trial last week
Siua Fotu powerful,nuggety aggressive back rower been with side a few years, really good player.
Aaron Brydon from Wellington NSW,played for Indigenous U16 a few years back,hard hitter.
Falatea Iosefa a back rower from Penrith way who was with the side last year.
Jason Smyth originally from West's and can play backrow or centre,was with the side last year.
Jake Watmough,son of Choc and backrower.
Zane Dunford local junior and son of Matt,a second rower.
James Uesele originally from West's,trimmed down and moved back to lock from prop,could be on a Dev contract next year if keeps progressing.
Feoa Tongia a second rower from NZ,been training with Workers squad,gets a call up if needed I guess.
Caleb Navale a prop from Dragons,Fijian and a really good pick up,playing with Ball side currently.
Aufaga Autagavaia a prop from Dogs,was a starter in our Ball side last year and moved up to Flegg later.
Seturi Iakapo a prop who played Ball last year,big unit who recently was a centre Made a really good switch and I personally think has a big future,hard runner and athletic,willing.
Sosaia Moala a prop who joined mid year 2021 from Knights KOE side.
Hunta Saunders a prop originally from rugby who is developing nicely,played with our Ball side last year.
Oliver Clements a prop/back rower from the Eels who has played for NSW U18.
Could be some changes later and will update.GCKTong and Humphreys may start in Flegg as well and some Ball players like Myers,O'Donnell etc ..may move up after Ball season finishes
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It's only a game ....
HM team list on MWSE website
Interesting that Cayden Close (recruited as a centre) & Roy Quiroz-Mapusua (thought he would be selected in SG Ball) are the second rowers.

Lehi Hopoate is fullback & captain.

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Interesting that Cayden Close (recruited as a centre) & Roy Quiroz-Mapusua (thought he would be selected in SG Ball) are the second rowers.

Lehi Hopoate is fullback & captain.

His brother Tai is on the bench for SG Ball.
The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
Interesting that Cayden Close (recruited as a centre) & Roy Quiroz-Mapusua (thought he would be selected in SG Ball) are the second rowers.

Lehi Hopoate is fullback & captain.

Good luck to the Alex More and the boys

Can some one tell us more on number 14 Jake Fulton ?
The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
Congratulations to Brett Fulton who is doing an amazing job at the club securing tremendous young talent in our Eagles nest and Investing and creating a bright future

We all have an opportunity to make an impact on our legendary clubs future

and our Future depends what we do at the Present

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both games can be seen through the Daily Telegraph site this weekend. I would assume that NSWRL Facebook will be screening as well but no notice yet.
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To check on all the great info posted in the original Smokin' Joe' glorious juniors thread just use the Search Forums function, same as looking up old MVP threads or any older threads.
Meanwhile the current one for this year can be the sticky thread
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