Smith vs Monaghan

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Journey Man
Crisp passing, decisivness, directing traffic, ordering older players around, brilliant kicking, pulling it up in the in-goal repeatedly, pin point passing to the chest of RUNNING players, kicking directly to out wide players etc etc etc.

Everything Monaghan fails dismally at, we saw on display tonight.

I can't wait to see Smith in a maroon jumper.


Reserve Grader
The one pass he threw to Grothe on the fly was amazing. Grothe wasn't even in the picture, Smith threw it end over end, cutting out several players before it hit Grothe on the chest, on the run. Great skill.


First Grader
I can.

Jeez the young fella has some talent, and he does not even have an eperienced 5/8 outside him.


Journey Man
A couple of times he was faking with his shoulders before he'd even received the ball.

Monaghan looks positivley pedestrian next to the kid.


First Grader
how was the hit he copped from Carroll. Bounced straight back to his feet. That was a nice shot!!!


Journey Man
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Canteen Worker

First Grader
The second man plays used by Parra where a ball runner goes through without the ball (attracting the defence) and a second runner gets the ball running a different angle behind game them a lot of space and confused even a good defensive line. It gave them room and time. Often Smith was that second runner and was able to pick his target outside. Had time and space.

Defensively Smith ooked a bit weak at times and the Broncos big men did run at him a lot!!


This kid will dominate league for a long time.

Only problem is his defence but hes only young.. Johns wasnt at his best till 24-25.. so to imagine what Smith will become is scary.

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