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Slime Supporters all Class

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by The Wheel, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

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    Civoniceva racism claim
    Brad Walter | July 7, 2008

    NRL officials are investigating an incident in which Penrith captain Petero Civoniceva says he was racially abused after yesterday's 22-16 win at Parramatta Stadium.

    Civoniceva, who described the abuse as some of the worst he had encountered in 11 seasons with Brisbane and the Panthers, said he had been targeted by a group of about six Eels supporters as he walked from the field. After being provoked into a reaction, Civoniceva's main concern last night was getting a message to those fans - particularly a group of young families - who had witnessed the incident about the cause of his actions.

    But a Penrith trainer also saw what happened and details of the incident are expected to be included when the NRL receives a report today from the ground manager at the match.

    "It was just disappointing," Civoniceva said. "You cop abuse all the time off fans but, fortunately, most people are educated enough not to resort to that sort of stuff.

    "There was a group of probably about six guys who started to really have a go at me, and there was a bit of racial stuff said. I took offence to it and my trainers, that were on the sideline at the time, saw everything and heard everything, so they know what happened. I've been around for a long time and you cop a bit here and there, but I've never had anything like that before. These guys obviously made a beeline for me and said what they said. I think maybe because I wasn't taking any notice of them and was ignoring them, they resorted to that stuff."

    Civoniceva said he had lashed out and spilt the men's beers but despite being the victim in the incident, he issued an apology to fans seated nearby. "I probably over-reacted a bit," he said. "They had their beers on the fence and I sort of swiped at them and spilt their beers all over the place. There were young kids there with their mums and dads and they would have seen that, so I sort of feel bad about that. Obviously, I don't want to scare young kids from coming to the footy, so I'd like to speak to some Parramatta people and especially the young families that were around there and just explain what happened.

    "It was just unfortunate that it happened and it would be good if I could explain it, especially to those young families that were sitting there."

    Eels officials were aware of the incident and later apologised to Civoniceva, who was praised by Penrith assistant coach Wayne Collins for backing up from Origin to lead the young Panthers to a good win. It is understood Eels officials will increase warnings to fans that if they racially abuse players, they will be arrested.

    The abuse of Civoniceva follows an incident at Parramatta Stadium last season in which Eels supporters threw coins at Manly centre Jamie Lyon. Eels officials made a public plea for other fans to help them find those responsible for the attack on Sea Eagles players, but were not successful. If identified, the supporters who abused Civoniceva face a ban from Parramatta Stadium and other NRL matches.

    Officials were last night unaware of claims that an Eels player had raised his middle finger at someone in the crowd while on the bench.
  2. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    sounds like a decent sort of bloke, at least he did the right thing by apologising to the kids
  3. eggson

    eggson Well-Known Member

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    I like Petero.  When has he ever been in the news for being a bad player or person?  Never.  The Eels need CCTV on the whole crowd now methinks.  Way too many idiots ruining a good day out with the family
  4. ants

    ants Active Member

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    This has happened before like the article says at Parra stadium, its really sad that idiots like these guys resort to this sh!t.

    Maybe if it continues to happen particularly at parra then they should have to play home game/s behind closed doors as punishment.  I guess doing this you punish the young families like the ones Petro apologised to but how else do you get the message across?
  5. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

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    Looking at the small crowd yesterday I dont think it will be that long before that are playing before no one & they won't have to close the gates to do it.

    I along with a few notable ST posters saw some of the quality EEls supporters laying into a disabled person after Manly & Parra semi final a few years ago.  They really are scaping the bottom of the decency barrell

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