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Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
With the birthday just gone, and the RLW Poll coming out last week, why not do something similar for here, may create some controversey :lol: :drunk: Will steal the RLW questions, can't nominate yourself :doh:

Best Poster on the site - Flip (always starting topics for good debate)
Best Analitical poster - Darren lower grades
Which Poster is the best advertisement for the site - Jatz Crackers
Who is the hardest hitter - DSM5
Sites biggest sledger - Clon
Biggest sook on the site - Ryan (sorry champ :drunk: )
Hardest poster to pin down on an issue - Matabele
Who wouldnt you pick a fight with - Corso Pete
Silvertails Most over-rated poster - Fro (few spelling errors lately :lol: )
Silvertails most under-rated poster - Willstyles

Don't take things too personal fellas, feel free to add any questions


UFO Hunter
Honoured Kiwi.

BTW, whack yourself up as the Silvertails New Zealand correspondent.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I am pissed about not being noticed!

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
I am pissed about not being noticed!

I thought you were in DC :lol:

What about the rest of you bastards, don't have the guts to post your thoughts ???

Maybe the silvertails are going soft :naughty: :drunk:


First Grader
[quote author=Dan]
I am pissed about not being noticed!

I thought you were in DC :lol:


YOu know the amazing thing about the World wide web Kiwi???

it is world wide :dance:

hows that for over rated :cop:

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
I see Jatz and DSM% have taken crowns that were once mine. Might have to do something about that.

Mata....ya cant have na ne na na. Oh it feeds good to be the king.

And whats up with DSM.....he looks a mere percentage of his former self.

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