Should we rest a few players?


Give a few young blokes a go.. weve sealed a top 4 spot.. wining the minor premiership isnt much these days... generally you dont win both anyway!

But i cant see us winning all our games from now on in and were starting to show tiredness.

Maybe Kite Monas Stewart etc rested,,

Give Bani... Ballin etc starts.. give Watmough.. G Stewart a rest and give Cuthbo and Jack more minutes... it would do them good if their needed in the finals.


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I don't understand why Ballin was only given 5 minutes when we had the game won with 20 to go and pretty much all players were exhausted? You're a great coach Des but I don't understand some of the decisions you make!

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I dont think resting is the way to go

We need to have a good run into the finals, and continue to develop combinations because a lot of key people have missed some footy this year

Keep it as it is going and the feet on the ground. Resting players could come back to bite you in the arse, as melbourne found out last week


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This was the third away game and the previous two against the Sharkies and especially the Eels would have taken a toll. They need to keep the same combinations going as KE says, so I wouldn't be resting anyone. We face the same problem this week with a short turn-around for the Knights. The bottom line is that we still win and the team builds strength from being together.


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Play them all on. No restbreaks. Builds toughness, togetherness and combinations, and to win the big prize we need all three of those..


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We get a 10 day break between Knights and Bunnies. Personally I'd give the bench 40+ minutes each next week against the Knights.

The positive is that the two most maligned players of recent months - Lyon and Orford - were in our top 3 today. The right players to have hitting their straps at the right time.

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I wouldn't rest players for whole matches but i would start giving bench players more time and rotating a bit more during the game.


well not all at once... but i meant over the course of the next month...leave Watmough out... then the next week leave G Stwart out.. give Cuthbo and Jack more time.. what if one get injured a week before the semi finals and one of the younger guys need to step up.

I dont mean send out the reserves in one game! just rest a few here and there when we can.


Reports are that Jack a may have broken ribs and Lyon's leg problem has flared again - hence his lack of ball in the second half.


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I disagree CW. I thought we looked 'up' yesterday. Our defense was certainly rock solid and the way the guys raced back into position for the next set was excellent. The Ox, Choc, G & B Stewart all looked alert. Even Bryant and Hall had very sharp games. We can afford Jack to be of the paddock for a week or two, not Lyon perhaps, but as the knights backline is absolute crap then we can get by without him next week.


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I still think the Broncos managed to field a team that some others would be envious of. We cruelled it with mistake after mistake and some poor ref calls but still they just never looked like they were going to crack us and go on and win. A good performance. Maybe all the errors are an indications of tiredness but the defense was good.


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We get a 10 day break between Knights and Bunnies.

I didn't realise this, but if this is the case then i don't have any problem with giving the whole squad say 5 or 6 days off leading up to the bunnies game.


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That would be more like it. The team needs to play the real games but they could get some 'freshen up' time between the knights and the bunnies, both easy wins anyway.


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Maybe Ryan. I can't say I miss those three at all. The pack is going great without King, the backs are going great without Matai and we don't give away the penalties as much as when those three are on the paddock. I'd wager they together give away the bulk of penalties in the team. (maybe Choc, but he's got talent in other areas)

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