Should DCE retire from Origin after Game 3?

Peter C

No way, it was only seven or eight years ago when he was ostracised by those so called Queensland elites because he had the gall to renege on a contact with another Queensland team, they took it as a personal affront and said that they would rather not play with him, now those same people are sucking up to him big time eating humble pie watching him lead a Queensland team that was inferior to NSW for the past few seasons.
DCE, origin or not, always earns his money, he turns up every week and always backs up after origin, let's not deny him this glory.

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DCE is a champ and will absolutely lead them again next year, very likely to another series win. NSW will have to rethink and rebuild.

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Should DCE retire from Origin after Game 3?

Manly make sure they have a much better squad around DCE so he can play for Manly like he does in Origin.


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The Durable DCE is performing as spectacular as ever
Should DCE retire from Origin ?


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He's been Queensland's 3rd best ever winning captain. Wally with 61%, Scam Smth 57% and DCE 52% according to something I heard today on SEN.


I think DCE should back up and try for the 3-peat (and 4 in 5 years) next year. I also think he will because he wants to be part of a dynasty that he is captain of.

I can’t see him stopping at next year either. He plays such a role that he need only steer the team really with that goldmine of superstars around him. Outside of the 2011 premiership and 2013 grand final, playing for Australia, these will cement a wonderful legacy that he deserves.


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Part of our culture problem is nobody is prepared to make sacrifices for the team. IMO Tommy should have stood down from origin this year. IMO DCE needs to focus on Manly now as he has achieved all there is to achieve in the game at the representative level and I wish he would retire from Origin after this series whitewash as captain. But the majority of the modern players are all focused on themselves and money. IMO If DCE and Tommy were on deck we beat both Newcastle and Parramatta during origin and that 4 points would have put us in the mix. The team needs leaders that will put the team first and inspire those around them to do the same. You can't underestimate the critical importance of a group playing as team for each other. I'm not talking about carving up the opposition in a no contest. I'm talking about dealing with adversity, getting into an arm wrestle and grinding out difficult wins.

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DCE playing origin has a negligible effect on Manly. He always backs up and is never injured. We miss him when he's not there but he only misses 2 games per year because of his QLD duties. It's a different situation with Tom as he can miss 5 games due to not backing up and the potential injury risk is far greater. I doubt Chez will retire from Origin, nor should he.

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