Post-Game Discussion Sharks v Manly [Round 21, 2023]

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Sea Eagles
26 PointsBet Stadium
23 Jul 2023 16:05
80:00 minute

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1st half everyone was an 8/10 at least. Really strong performance. Still dislike him strongly but Lodge as the first forward off the bench was such a big difference compared to Woods every other week.

2nd half...honestly not much to say as far as our players go. Can't blame them with a depleted bench and the reffing...

Now the officiating...Every fan likes to blame the ref time to time but that was possibly the most incredibly one sided refereeing performance I've seen in that 2nd half. The amount of shocking calls was unbelievable.


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The end of that game was shambolic but to be fair we were down 3 players, and copping penalties and six agains against us left right and centre. Paseka was taken out of the game early and for the next few weeks at least, and all that was called was a knock on by us. Jake had to come off for an HIA for high contact and we got nothing for it. Disgraceful one sided refereeing to try and bring those overrated frauds back into the game, glad we could hang on


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First half they were hungry and played great footy. Second half went back to their usual dumb plays. Watching this team just gives me heart palpitations and seeing Seibold in the coaching box showing zero emotion shows the little to no passion he has. We are a long long way from winning another premiership. Happy to get this and any win at the moment.


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Paseka went down early,Aloiai off early second with a shoulder and then Jake HIA.
We hung on,it wasn't pretty,but jeez,what do you expect.
We needed the win and we live to fight another week.
It is no surprise there was zero petrol in the tank


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Diabolical performance for us. Check out our missed tackle count in that second half alone. There's no excuse for that.

You can't have Woods, Schuster,Tuilagi and Lodge on the field at once. There is nowhere NEAR enough pace especially laterally in defense to allow that.

At one point sharks were running in a try every set. Not good enough.

I'm not happy with that performance, sorry. Reminded me of The Storm / Cowboys games last year where they literally destroyed us like play things at times in the game


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Ref was way to whistle happy both ways . 20 penalties , 5 ruck infringements and offside penalties . Very poor from the ref

In our team

Lodge was very good
Woods played well
Parker worst game in a while
Chez great
Koula best game in first grade ?! 220M and two tries
Saab was good
Tui no where near enough effort for 80m .


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Paseka went down early,Aloiai off early second with a shoulder and then Jake HIA.
We hung on,it wasn't pretty,but jeez,what do you expect.
We needed the win and we live to fight another week.

I hardly think Lodge and Matterson have spent weeks and weeks getting used to the Manly system either.

(but you can almost hear the gears of the pessimists scanning for stats to hate this win)


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What the F$$k just nearly happened even though we won I am speechless just what happened in the second half.
It’s simple what happened. Losing a front rower in the opening two minutes completely destroys your middle rotation; that’s bad enough. Compound that with losing Aloiai (who you need to play longer minutes) and you’re in trouble. Compound that with losing Jake and you’re in massive trouble. Have a 33 year old journeyman plodder in the middle who was gassed early in the 2nd half as one of the guys trying to cover for the injuries, you’re ****ed!

When your middle is gassed, you get exposed on the edges due to (a) quick play the balls and (b) inability to cover lead runners from the inside. That’s why Daly’s edge kept getting stretched.

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