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I paid a quick visit to ( ) & followed the links to ( The Sharks Den , Cronulla Forum ). They have a thread over there titled " Hopoate is scum " . This single thread has received over 1500 hits & is up to page 6 already. I'm certainly not defending Hoppa , but you'll notice a lot of the Sharks fans are showing their true colours. Check it out when you get a chance.

I've heard that a group of Sharks fans are heading out to Fox Studios tonight to vent their anger at Hoppa & the Manly Management. ( A security guard may come in handy )
Ive been there

they have threatened his life and his childrens.

Some said if he saw tezza on the street that he would spit on him. Funny thing is the moderators who support non manly/cronulla teams tore him to shreds.
A sad day for all! On a day when a Waratah Rugby Player has vandalised a car, all the publicity goes to league again, courtesy of Hoppa.

Hoppa will get what is coming to him but the way these guys are carrying on you would think he murdered a baby or was a peadophile etc.

They will get what they are looking for without resorting to this stupidity.

sticking up for him in a small way,,, very small way,,, the tele had a list of all his "issues" since 1998,,,, firstly they where almost all at the tigers barring the last two..

also very few where for violent play like this weekend, all for contrary conduct,,, so apart from the old bum poke, they where all for abuse/back chat etc.

very few striking... hes not a thug, just an idiot!
Look, I'm starting to think that if we are rid of Hoppa, we can actually concentrate on the footy, and the great victory again.
As far as getting rid of Hoppa good- but as far as killing his children and the like- fcuk me dead pull your heads in Sharks supporters. Manly supporters regret the whole thing as much as Sharks supporters but this is all getting ridiculous.
Maybe we should move towards Iranian style justice- like that child murderer/rapist who was stoned, spat at stabbed in the back (literally) then hung up on a crane until he died- sounds really civil hey ?
Not that this is all worth going tit for tat but Greg Birds record isn't much better and the elbow incident involving him (I think it was last year) was alot more intentional and sickening than Hoppas.
By all means kick him out but this has all gone overboard !
Pepsi is right. Hoppa is an idiot who suffers from brain explosions but not an axe-murderer etc.

However he has made his own bed and now he has to lie in it!

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