Scoop: Evidence that M Monaghan is about to be offloaded

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Journey Man
I was just perusing the official Manly web-site when I came across this:

Given they're discounted by 50% and we've spent the last 12 months treating Monaghan with these, I can only assume we're having a clearance because we're not going to be needing them for much longer.

You heard it here first!
I thought the team lifted enormously when monas went into hooker. I much prefer him there than in 5/8

If we have monas, orford and a 5/8 in place we have 3 times the play making options we have previously had
To be fair Monaghan made a good contribution on Saturday and played well at hooker. He looked good and his defensive work in the ruck was very good. Dummy half work was also smart.
yup. If he is to play anywhere I say hooker is the best spot, like the club has been chiming for a while. He got in orfords way a bit and sometimes the players weren't sure who to pass to
i know most of you think he will make a good hooker.. but i think Ballin would be wasted in PL.

Monas can play 5/8 with Orford.. yeah he got in his way but by all reports most players did... give them a few games to play in the halves if Monas is chosen at 5/8.

I think defensively we will be better off with Monas in the halves and Ballin at hooker. Burns/Witt will struggle to defend at 5/8. Orford aint that great of a defender so Monas will probably cover it better.. Like Mata has said.. Id even prefer Willow than Burns or Witt... but Monas first option and Ballin at hooker.
Orford Played at 5/8 on a few occaisons on Sat , Theres only 1 person who would be Behind that Dessie , for me Monas @ 6 , Ballin @ 9 , Dunners @ Bench , Witt @ ESL
Monaghan CAN"t play in 6 as he will just stuff up Orford's game.

And Ballin deserves selection in the side ahead of Monaghan.

He is a $240,000 per year millstone around our neck.
I think Monaghan has played very well in both all positions he has played....He has also continued to be a leader on the field.

I think this Millstone, is more like a Grindstone....and doing some good hard work this year.
Look, i think a particlar point about the MM issue just aint gettin air.

And that is that while it might be argued one way or another about whether Monas SHOULD be in the team the simple practicality is that maybe he HAS to be in the team.

I mean, maybe he CANT be unloaded. There is the minor matter of there being a contract in place.

And if he HAS to be in the team then he should be utilised to the teams best advantage and not be a $240k millstone. So that brings us back to what position & and this point i decline to enter into that debate just yet.

I will leave on the note that maybe its healthier for us all to accept that he is playing for Manly in 2006 and move on to either applauding his contributions or critique them as the case may be.

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